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Super5 Waterproof Ink

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German Made Waterproof Inks

Waterproof and lightfast, Super5 Ink—manufactured for Format-Darmstadt GmbH by Rohrer & Klingner—is ideal for drawing but works equally well in calligraphy. With average flow and above-average lubrication, it offers good shading with broad and medium nibs. Though you’ll notice bleed-through and show-through on copy paper, heavier paper (Field Notes, Rhodia) is able to stand up to this German-made ink. Packaged in amber glass bottles, Super5 Ink is also resistant to drying out when used in fountain pens.

Colors Available

  • Alantic
  • Australia
  • Darmstadt
  • Dehli
  • Dubin
  • Frankfurt
Product Specs
  • Super5, by Rohrer & Klingner
  • 50ml per Bottle
  • Glass Bottle
  • Waterproof Ink
  • Made in Germany
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rabbitship 6 months ago

The waterproof SUPER5 iNK is ideal for contour drawings and texts calligraphy. You can paint over them with watercolour and they won't smear. SUPER5 iNK Ink is also resistant to drying out when used in fountain pens.

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