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KWZ Iron-Gall Inks

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20 Orders
40 Orders
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Expected Delivery: End October to Early November 2016
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Iron-Gall inks are traditional inks that had been widely used until mid-twentieth century. Their popularity stemmed from the very intense dark color of the ink. Iron-Gall inks easily penetrated deep into the structure of paper which made the text written with them remarkably stable and waterproof.


Iron-Gall inks made by KWZ Inks are so called modern Iron-Gall inks, they differ in some properties in comparison to Iron-Gall inks that were prepared at the beginning of twentieth century. All KWZ Inks Iron-Gall inks are true solutions – they do not contain any suspended solids or incorporate strong mineral acids to stabilize ink (like muriatic acid or sulfuric acid for example).

Iron-Gall inks differ in content of the iron gall component. Because of that they introduced a division of Iron-Gall inks that are produced by them.

Iron-Gall inks require more care from the user of fountain pen in comparison to standard inks. A set of advices about using Iron-Gall inks in fountain pens has been prepared for you, which might be especially helpful when using inks of this type in fountain pens with steel nibs.


From a reviewer:

KWZ Ink is exceptional for a very special reason: This company produces a wide range of Iron Gall inks of different colors. Yes, you heard that right, this company has iron gall inks across a goodly bit of the color spectrum.

Grouphunt Deal

We've heard great things about the quality of the selection of ink we've got for this hunt and it sure looks like you do too! If we hit 20 orders, one bottle of 60ml ink is $24.50 each. If we hit 40 orders, the price drops to $22.50. But hear this, if we band together and rope all our friends in and hit a whopping 50 orders, each bottle of ink is only $20.50

Sooo, what are you waiting for, the ink to dry? Join the hunt and share this with all your writing kakis!

Let's take a look at the colours available for this hunt!

Colours Available

You can read a review about the ink here and see them on the original website

About KWZ Ink

From his website:

I create inks for fountain pens since 2012. It all started when I decided to improve the saturation in one of my inks. During browsing forums and websites I came across various information about self-made iron-gall inks. I found that I should also try and soon after that I prepared my first iron-gall ink. Over time, I began to enrich inks I prepared with interesting colors, and tuned ink’s properties.

Creating inks is a great hobby. The possibility of creating ink of almost any color and setting properties of such ink according to my discretion gives a lot of satisfaction. Making new inks is not always easy, sometimes many attempts have to be made before specific color or property is achieved. There were many hard moments when well thought out formula didn’t give expected result or it came out as unstable and ink quickly degraded. But overall ink making is occupation that gives us plenty of satisfaction.

Production of inks on a large scale is not my goal, but instead we will focus on creating inks a little less common, something which can not be found elsewhere. I create my inks from scratch, by mixing raw chemicals which as a result give fountain pen ink. To ensure myself a bit of comfort during and increase repeatability in production of inks  I introduced number of improvements to my lab, but most of the work in the production of inks is still done by hand.

For a long time I have created inks were not widely available and the information about them were scattered on various websites and forums. I set up this site to gather information about KWZ Ink in one place and facilitate communication with me, so that my inks and information about them will be readily available.

Admin & Shipping Info
- This group order is for those residing in Singapore only. - For orders outside of SG, additional shipping may apply. Please drop us a note at - After the hunt ends, we will update everyone via email with details on shipping - Product ships in about 3 weeks after campaign ends. Estimate ship date to SG is End October - Early November 2016
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Aladdin Teng 3 months ago

KWZ iron gall inks have been highly praised inline with good reviews from people like Matt of pen habit and Brad from pen addict.

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