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Mahabis Classic Slipper with Soles

Award-winning wool insides with replaceable soles that suit every occasion!

Suggested by johnbosco

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Original MSRP: $135
46 / 25
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Stylish Take on the Classic Slipper

Inspired by a Scandinavian design, the Mahabis Classic is light and breathable with a comfortable wool inner lining for a perfectly balanced experience. Replaceable soles also mean that you can switch up the look to suit your mood, ready for indoors or outdoor wear!

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johnbosco a year ago

The shoe is a serious masterpiece of comfort! Sculpted to make an effortless fit and combined with a choice of detachable soles, creating the perfect bundle for anyone who appreciates comfort without sacrificing on style! Hope to get a good price with more people!

johnbosco 7 months ago

Hi all, quick update! Thanks for your patience....We've been trying for the longest while to work out a deal with Mahabis, but unfortunately they are only focused on direct sales from their website, and are not keen to work with other sellers for now.

We'll keep following up, but it looks unlikely in the near future... If you all know of any alternatives to these shoes that we can try instead, please let me know via the comments!!

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