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Zerek Fish Trap

Suggested by Khalit Sulaiman

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A soft plastic vibe with a twist, the Zerek Fish Trap boasts a unique design that seamlessly integrates the functionality of a conventional vibe with the versatility of soft plastics. This allows for a wide range of applications over various types of terrain. Constructed with tear resistant TPE material, the Fish Trap is reinforced with wire internally to withstand bite force and prolonged use. The addition of a grub tail is another distinctive element in the Fish Trap’s design that complements the vibration made by the lure as it is retrieved. The subtle movement of the grub tail, when the lure is at rest combined with the holographic eyes gives it a realistic appearance which predatory fish will find hard to resist.

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johnbosco a year ago

@Khalit - nice find bro! heard alot of good things about this lure, but haven't really seen it in action personally - what's the action like? does it work like typical soft plastic/rubber lures?

Khalit Sulaiman a year ago

@johnbosco - actually me too have not tried yet.. but alot of Catch Reports with this lure.. even Arowana cant resist it... i would be great to be able to purchase it in grouphunt for better price of course...

johnbosco a year ago

I see! Yes I saw the Arowana CR too! Ok, do share with your friends to get the requests up to 25! I'll do my best :)

Khalit Sulaiman a year ago

@johnbosco- Thanks boss

Lawrence Chiang 10 months ago

where do you find these catch reports? what advice can you give o lure to get for beginner? i'm new to fishing, was introduced to luring recently but my attempts at macritchie reservoir no success

Khalit Sulaiman 8 months ago

Ive used it at PRMP... Barramundi loving it..

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