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Fujiyama Glass

Enjoy your own unique vision of Japan's most famous mountain.

Suggested by Ben Chua

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FUJIYAMA GLASS was Initially created in 2008. Commercialized by pronominal glassware manufacturer Sugahara Glassworks Inc, FUJIYAMA GLASS has been awarded Judge's Special Award (Awarded by Manabu Mizuno, Art Director) at TOKYO MIDTOWN AWARD 2008.

The FUJIYAMA GLASS is shaped in an elegant cone of clear glass with a truncated point. When beer is poured into the glass, the froth represents the snowcap of mount Fuji in a variety of scenery. Radiating gold with the Pale Ale, gleaming in sunrise with the Amber Ale, the silent mountain at midnight with the Dark Lager... The different types of beer poured into the glass will allow the user to appreciate the various scenes of Mt. Fuji.

Revered a 'prime souvenir of Tokyo', FUJIYAMA GLASS has gained popularity in and out of Japan over the years. The product has attracted attention from various media outlets such as NHK WORLD, where the product was featured in their 2013 documentary "Artisan & Designer", and in 2015 listed as a product of cultural relevance in "100 Tokyo", a cultural guide to Tokyo created by METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry). Also in 2015, FUJIYAMA GLASS was chosen to be exhibited at Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Etienne 2015. 


Beer is a common beverage that is widely distributed across the globe so much that it can be said that the variety of beer competes with bottled water. The charm of this product is that just by adding an abundant product like Beer, a certain form is rendered into the glass. No matter if you are in London, Paris, United States, or Hong Kong, as long as there is beer around this glass promises a brief rendezvous with Japan by revealing a miniature Mt. Fuji.  

The glass is packaged in a Paulownia box, a traditional method of packaging in Japan; designed by Manabu Mizuno of the Good Design Company. The FUJIYAMA GLASS is 3,776 JPY pretax, the same number as the height of Mt. Fuji (in meters) above sea level.  

Each of the beer glasses are hand blown by craftsmen of Sugahara Glassworks Inc., a prestigious company established in 1932. 

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Xin Yi Ow 5 months ago

Any update for this yet?

Hey Xin Yi,

We spoke to them some time back and just yesterday as well; they have maintained the stand that each glass is hand-blown and that there is simply no economy of scale for them. In short, because these are not machine-made, they don't see a value in bulk pricing/wholesale prices.

We will keep knocking on this door though, as these glasses are really amazing. Bear with us as we bridge the language and cultural barriers :)

Ben Chua 8 months ago

Miniature Mt Fuji everytime you pour yourself a beer!

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