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Arc Boards - The Most Portable Electric Skateboard in the World

The Perfect Last Mile Vehicle. Ultra Portable and Surprisingly Powerful, the Arc Board will change the way you move everyday.

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Sewrelaxed 2 months ago

That's cool. My question is, what if it rains, will the thing still work? Can it roll through puddles of water? Is it shock proof? What are the safety measures put in place to prevent battery explosion or overheating? The video is not very detailed on how to start and stop.

The Arc Boards Team 2 months ago

Hey there! Thanks for asking! We tried to reply earlier but we just found out it didn't go through, apologies for the delay!

On your question, we don't recommend to ride the Arc Board in wet conditions because high speed + slippery road is not exactly the safest conditions to ride a skateboard! That said, we tested the Arc Board in light rain and ride it through puddles during our tests, and have not observed any issues so far!

On shock proofing, we have drop tested the Arc Board up to 1.5M, and in daily usage conditions we give it what we call the "Casey Neistat treatment", haha, and the board has held up so far!

Battery protection wise, for lithium batteries the main cause for overheating and explosion is due to overcharging, and we have put in a Battery Management System into the Arc Board to prevent that from happening. When the charger plugged into the Arc Board detects that the battery is at full charge, current is automatically stopped to prevent overcharging. That said, we reinforce the importance of using our own chargers to power your Arc Board!

Hope this explains! Let us know if you have more questions! Thanks!

The Arc Boards Team 3 months ago

Happy to accommodate :) looking forward to 25!

Bloody awesome to have the Arc Boards Team drop by :) Welcome!

Let's support our local lads and lasses!

The Arc Boards Team 2 months ago

Thanks Yanhan! #supportlocal but only do so if you believe in our product!

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