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The Apex Stand - Portable Laptop + Smartphone Stand

The World's Best Laptop Stand That Lets You Work Anywhere

Suggested by abelteo
Group Price:
50 Orders

This current run has ended, but there are more recent runs for The Apex Stand - Portable Laptop + Smartphone Stand. Click here to go to the most recent run.

$69 / pc
Original MSRP: $108
Delivery: Free
50 Orders
85 Ordered!
Expected Delivery: Late to End July 2016
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This deal took us awhile to negotiate, with lots of back and forth in driving down the min. orders - that's why we're super excited to finally annouce the hunt for this well-designed and highly-portable laptop stand! Join the hunt and save up to 36% off retail with FREE registered shipping!

We'll need 50 orders to pull this off, so help grow the group by telling all your fellow mac-geeks, digital nomads, and anyone who would want one!!

Introducing: The World's Best Laptop Stand:

Highly Portable Without Compromising On Performance:

With an Apple aesthetic and highly portable and compact design, the Apex Stand allows Apple users to pack their devices in collection.

The Best iMac Companion:

The Apex Stand is the perfect choice for iMac users wishing to use their MacBooks alongside their iMac or desktop computers.



Angles are Attitudes:

Get your MacBook up off the table or desktop for better viewing.

 3 in 1 Design:

Keep all your Apple devices together on one stand for use and display.

Staying Neat and Clean:

Apex's easy cable organizer allows your cords and desktop to stay organized and clean. Elevate your laptop off the desk or table surface for better protection against any harmful spills. 

Light and Compact:

The Apex Stand weighs just 0.86 Lbs with a thickness of 1.24 inches, and is sure to be the perfect compliment to any MacBook or Apple device.

iPad Friendly

3D CAD View of the new iPad Pro + Apple Pencil with The Apex Stand
3D CAD View of the new iPad Pro + Apple Pencil with The Apex Stand

Artists, designers, and iPad fans are sure to love how well the stand works as an aisle to keep the device at just the right angle for drawing and artistic creation.

Mini iPhone Stand:

Use your iPhone or other mobile phone on Apex's mini stand to allow viewing while using your laptop.

Easy Adjustment:

 By pressing on the round metal tab on the right edge of both bottom and top hinge units, the plates of the stand may be adjusted to the desired angle of use.

We have designed a press release-locking chassis system. This provides a tight locking stand that can easily support the weight of any MacBook or relative weight and size laptop computer. The chassis design has 10 locking adjustment positions for both bottom and top plates, allowing laptop and device viewing angles of multiple variations. With an expected lifespan of over 3000 uses, the stand will be a great asset to any MacBook user for years to come.

CAD drawing of the lock chamber system on The Apex.
CAD drawing of the lock chamber system on The Apex.

Quality Materials:

Choose Your Style:

The Next Big Step Forward | The Apex Revolution:

Product Specs



  • Dimensions: 4.24" X 7.164" (181.97cm X 107.99cm)
  • Materials Used: Aluminum alloy, ABS plastic, Silicon Rubber.
  • Weight: 0.86 Lbs (392 grams)


Admin & Shipping Info
- This group order is only available for those residing in Singapore - For orders outside of SG, additional shipping may apply. Please drop us a note at before ordering. - After the hunt ends, we'll update everyone via email. - Product ships in 2 weeks after campaign ends, directly from the makers of Apex. No returns are available for this hunt. - Estimated ship date is Late to End July 2016.
Additional Info: Original Link
Keni Lim 4 months ago

Kickstarter backers still haven't got their Apex stand yet... should we be worried about this Grouphunt?

joelleong 4 months ago

Hey Keni! Thanks for checking on this, it's been crazy times here so we somehow missed your message - glad we found it! We are in direct contact with Sano Labs so while we were assured that our group order with them would go through, the comments do seem to suggest that we should double check. Will do this and get back to everyone. Thanks again for being sharp with it Keni - it's members like you that makes community commerce work!

justinchua55555 4 months ago

Hi Joel, any updates for this? I saw that the money was charged to my account but realise that we don't have any assurance that they will deliver.

joelleong 3 months ago

Hey Community! Our contact from Sano Labs told us that the order is underway and even sent us some photos of the production! Thought we would share it with everyone. Now we can't wait to receive the stands. Enjoy!

joelleong 4 months ago

Hey justin! Am actually replying to your email right now =)

But yes the update is that we are still in contact with Sano labs who have officially invoiced us and said we should expect to receive the order in the next 14 days. With the exception of crowdfunding projects (this one is not since the campaign has ended and we are placing a direct order with the company), Grouphunt will always honour each order. In the event that orders cannot be fulfilled, if supplier disappears, production is halted for a certain product etc., we will refund all our members the money that has been charged. That is our promise; no product, no money taken.

Hope that puts you at ease! =D

discoburg 4 months ago

That's not good.

discoburg 3 months ago

Any updates on the shipment from factory?

joelleong 5 months ago

Hi folks! We're in talks with the manufacturers but the MOQ is rather high at the moment, so we're negotiating to bring it down. More updates as they come. Cheers!

Keni Lim 4 months ago

Any hopes on getting the MOQ lower?

discoburg 3 months ago

The stand arrived and it looks and feel great!

discoburg 4 months ago

9 more sets to go.

Kelvin Lee 4 months ago

hey there whats the status of this? Is the MOQ still negotiable? Im prob looking at 3 - 5 units.

joelleong 4 months ago

Hey Kelvin! MOQ has been reached and this order will go through! We're just doing some due diligence with our contact from Sano Labs after receiving a tip off from one of our other community members Keni, but you can go ahead and place your order with confidence! We won't place the group order until we get confirmation from their end. Cheers! =)

pramansg 4 months ago

Is there a way we can choose the color?

discoburg 4 months ago

You can chose the colours when placing the order.

rundandan 4 months ago

So this site says the stands have been ordered. Are we expecting any mail to confirm shipping date, etc? Thanks.

discoburg 4 months ago

Email have been received. However I thought the price is $65 when I placed the order when it first started.

Edvarcl Heng 3 months ago

just tested it out. It looks fabulous. Glad I went for this. Sad I only ordered two. When's the next one?

discoburg 3 months ago

You wanna buy mine? I tried on my 13" macbook pro and it is too heavy for the stand. Not too secure.

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