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Majorcraft Corzza [2nd Run]

Sensitive, powerful and well detailed fishing rods at sensible prices!

Suggested by Kim Chan
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3 Orders
5 Orders
10 Orders

This current run has ended, but there are more recent runs for Majorcraft Corzza [2nd Run]. Click here to go to the most recent run.

$200 / pc
Original MSRP: $279
Delivery: Free
3 Orders
5 Orders
10 Orders
4 Ordered!
Expected Delivery: Late to End June 2016
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Achieve pinpoint casting with this flexible but sturdy rod:

The Corzza is an value for money, strong yet sensitive rod from Majorcraft. Similar to its better known cousin MS-X, and one level up from Go-emotion, the Corzza features same Cross Force extra blank reinforcement in the butt portion, making it not only possible to project more distance and accuracy when casting, but also absorbing the weight and pull of the fish during a fight with ease. The familiar spilt cork grips is a joy to hold on extended sessions, coupled with Fuji K-series guides and SiC inserts with an emphasis on the high sensitivity setting that so many anglers crave. If you are looking for a well rounded fishing rod that is strong yet sensitive worker to feel every movement, the Corzza is your best bet.

Grouphunt Deal:

Thinking about upgrading that weekly luring rod that you have? Here's your chance to own the ultra sensitive, yet powerful rod from Majorcraft, saving S$100+ dollars that can be spent fuelling your other lure purchases!

Retail Pricing: S$279

Grouphunt Pricing: S$175 (10 orders or more total orders!)

This means if we get more than 10 orders in total from the community, everyone gets to enjoy their rods at just S$175! Don't miss this chance!

Rod Actions:

Product Specs

Rod Model Description & Stats:

Major Craft Corzza CZC 69 M

Standard Model with Corzza's regular taping setting. It excels at retrieving lures such as vibration, spinnerbait and crank bait. It's also good for light bottom game such as light texas rigs!

Major Craft Corzza CZC 70 X

The strongest of the X models. If you are a fan of big bait or a swimming-based lure, this is the one to go for. With its superior power and torque taper, the rod support dragging fish out from the deep with ease.

Major Craft Corzza CZS 642 UL

This 2 piece rod is a highly dependable finesse rod even in the toughest situations, this rod features an extra fast action with an emphasis on the operability of delicate lures, allowing the angler superior sensitivity without compromising on strength.

Major Craft Corzza CZS 69 ML & 692 ML

From small field ponds to large open waters, this rod is perfect for both fresh and salt water anglers. Sensitive enough to handle the smallest of plugs to larger lures, this extremely versatile rod is also perfectly cropped at 6'9" for the additional distance and castability.

Admin & Shipping Info
  • This group order is organised in partnership with one of the largest distributors of fishing tackle in South East Asia, authenticity is assured.
  • No returns are available for this deal.
  • After this hunt ends, everyone will be updated everyone via email.
  • Product arrives in about 1-2 weeks after end of order period.
  • Estimated ship date is Late to End June 2016.
Additional Info: Original Link
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