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Fiio Digital Audio Players [2nd Run]

Master Studio-Grade Sound That Fits In Your Pocket.

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This current run has ended, but there are more recent runs for Fiio Digital Audio Players [2nd Run]. Click here to go to the most recent run.

$109.90 / pc
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Original MSRP: $159$
Delivery: $0 - $4
5 Orders
2 Ordered!
Expected Delivery: End November - Early December 2016
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Due to the astonishing amount of requests from our Audio community, we've partnered with Fiio to deliver an unbeatable deal for their extremely popular DAPs. For this hunt we have the X1s, X3 IIs and X5 IIs! Join the hunt to save up to 31% today!

Grouphunt Deal:

Retailing for $159, get it just for $109.90 when you buy with us on Grouphunt. We need a minimum of 5 orders to make this happen so join the hunt and get sharing! Further details on the deals for the X3 II and X5 II can be found below

Fiio X1s:

Fiio X3 IIs:

Retailing for $299, get it just for $279 when you buy with us on Grouphunt.

Fiio X5 IIs:

Retailing for $529, get it just for $469 when you buy with us on Grouphunt.

Models/Colors Available:

About Fiio:

Established in 2007 with a team of audio enthusiasts who are experienced in producing countless portable music products. Focused on product quality and a unique approach of "listening" to their customers to ceaselessly pursue perfection in product design, it's really a company that is hard not to like. Check Head-Fi or Facebook and you'll find thousands of Fiio fans who are hardcore lovers of the Fiio brand. Over the past years, Fiio has had several winners that created record sales in the Audio world, from amplifiers to high end DAPs.

Product Specs
For full technical specifications, please refer to the Fiio site: - FiiO X1: - FiiO X3 II: - FiiO X5 II:
Admin & Shipping Info
- This group order is only available for those residing in Singapore. For orders outside of SG, additional shipping may apply. Please drop us a note at before ordering. - Product is sourced directly from authorised suppliers of Fiio, authenticity guaranteed. 1 year local warranty with local supplier available. - After this hunt ends, everyone will be updated everyone via email. - Product arrives in about 3 weeks after end of order period. - Estimated ship date is End November - Early December 2016
Additional Info: Original Link
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