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Meet Pierre: The Handcrafted French Press Coffee Maker

Pierre is a handcrafted, artisanal, interpretation of the iconic French press.

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Meet Pierre, the artisanal, handcrafted interpretation of the French press coffee maker. Beautifully crafted with sustainable woods and made completely in America, Pierre was given the same thought and attention to detail that you put into the coffee you brew.
Domed Lid to accentuate the wood pattern
Brass Lid Cap to minimize steam damage
Sturdy Chicago screw handle

As avid coffee drinkers and design fanatics, we felt that most french presses were the same, there was a lack of creativity and diversity. We were brewing high quality coffee in a low quality french press. With Pierre the french press, we set out to address that issue. We wanted a french press that would elevate the ritual of brewing coffee.

We used wood for several reasons. we loved the natural beauty it exhibits, it is simple yet can accentuate complexities. Using beautiful, sustainable woods allows us to break that mold and create something, bold, and full of life.

Second, it allows every Pierre to be unique. The grain and flow of the wood will be different for every Pierre, giving each user a "thumbprint" and identity for their French press. Pierre will stand out and become a part of the brewing experience.

Pierre started as a challenge between two friends. Could we develop a functional yet beautiful french press? We explored many styles and developed many prototypes.

The Evolution of the Design
The progression of the handles
Multiple iterations of the handle and base

The story of Pierre begins in Charm, Ohio where the wooden parts are cut out via CNC machine. We select hardwoods based on how the grain of the wood will accentuate the overall coffee brewing experience. From there the parts are shipped to our shop in California where we complete the polishing and assembly.

Step 1: Quality Control & Polishing
Step 1: Sanding through the stages

After thoroughly checking that the wood pieces do not have cracks or other product deficits. We begin sanding the wood through 4 different grits of sand paper in order to obtain a smooth silky feel in the hand.

Stage 2: Metal Components
Stage 2: Creating the brass accents

With a background as silversmiths, we decided to add brass accents to Pierre because we loved the warm earthy tone that brass creates. We felt that it complimented the wooden handle and lid of Pierre. We hand fabricate each piece of brass used in the production of a Pierre.

Stage 3: Assembly & Oiling

The long yet vital stage involves bringing all the different aspects of Pierre together to create the finished product. However, before final assembly we oil and cure the wood using a mixture of mineral oil and wax. The finish is 100 % food safe and will not impart any flavor to the coffee. The oiling process takes five days for each Pierre.

The finish is 100% food safe and will impart no taste or smell to your coffee.

The Classic Wood Collection:

Below are the two classic woods that Pierre will be crafted with. You can select your wood preference at checkout.

The Hard Maple Pierre

Clean, elegant hard maple

Cherry Wood Pierre

Regal cherry wood
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joelleong 9 months ago

Pledging individually will cost S$208 to ship this to SG. We'll be able to Grouphunt it for S$150. I know that's still a rather hefty price to pay for a wonderful looking french press, but that's a significant $58 (27%) off, just by working together! Help us share this hunt with your coffee loving friends, who might just be crazy enough to take the plunge!

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