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Code 10 - Waterproof, Theft-Proof, Tech-Ready backpacks

Waterproof, Theft-Proof, Tech-Ready - Code 10 Backpacks are the world's most versatile, functional waterproof bags.

Suggested by Jaime
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This current run has ended, but there are more recent runs for Code 10 - Waterproof, Theft-Proof, Tech-Ready backpacks. Click here to go to the most recent run.

$92.90 / pc
Original MSRP: $137
Delivery: $0 - $4
5 Orders
10 Orders
25 Orders
224 Ordered!
Expected Delivery: January 2017*
*Crowdfunding projects may face external delay
This is a group pre-order for a crowdfunding project. As such, Grouphunt is not able to guarantee the estimated delivery date as advertised by the creator, similar to if you were to place the pledge on your own. What we promise is to redistribute it immediately once we receive the goods.
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Important: This particular hunt is a group pre-order for a crowdfunding project. By joining you agree that GroupHunt is a pure logistics facilitator and is not able to guarantee the final product and estimated delivery date as advertised by the creator, similar to if you were to place the pledge on your own. What we promise is to place the order on the group’s behalf, and to redistribute it once we have received the goods.




 Code 10 Backpacks are fully waterproof, making them perfect for outdoor activities, commuting and travel. The roll-down design is fast and easy to use and prevents water from entering at the top of the backpack.

We've used a special TPU-Coated Fabric (PVC-free), which is 100% impenetrable to moisture. Rather than using a conventional stitching method, all seams on the bag are welded using a special high-frequency method, which makes the backpacks more durable and prevents any moisture leakage. 


We designed the Code 10 Backpack to be theft-proof. The roll down design prevents pickpockets from accessing the main compartment of the backpack, and can be locked if necessary. 

If you're leaving the backpack unattended, the bag itself can be secured to almost any fixed object using the integrated steel wire and combination lock, making it impossible for opportunistic thieves to access your belongings or steal the bag, without special cutting equipment. Perfect for when you want to leave your stuff and go for a swim at the beach!


Love it or loathe it, our tech products are now essential to our daily lives. We designed a removable tech sleeve that can accommodate all your daily tech products, so you can work anywhere! The tech sleeve uses Velcro to attach inside the backpack and is quick and easy to remove.


If you're carrying other heavy backpacks or suitcases and don't want to have our backpack on your back, our smart strap system allows you to convert the backpack into a messenger bag. The main straps can be hidden inside the back panel of the bag and replaced with the included shoulder strap. When the straps have been hidden, the backpack can also be attached to a suitcase.


Our main issue with regular waterproof bags? You can never find your things! We've included 4 outer pockets to help you store and access everything you need. The "secret" backpocket allows you to hide your valuables in the most secure place possible - between your bag and your body. The main front pocket is water resistant and great for storing your phone, wallet and cash when you're hiking. The card pocket on the front means no more searching around for your travel passes and the side bottle pocket is perfect for keeping you hydrated.



Code 10 was founded by Charlie + Chris, two product designers from the UK and Switzerland. We met whilst working in Hong Kong a city where your working life and the outdoors blend together. We both love to travel, surf and spend our time adventuring.



Grouphunt Deal

It'll cost you $137 to get one of these bad boys in your hands. Grouphunt can get it for you cheaper. How? With the power of group buying. 

But this power only works if we all pull our own weight. If there's 5 of us who joins this hunt, the price drops to $109. If we share this deal with our close friends and family and get a group of 10 people, the price drops even further to $102.90. 

And get this, if we share this deal with all our crazy travel friends and get 25 people to join this order ... the hunt drops to a rock bottom price of $92.90. That's a 32% discount right there! So join the hunt and get sharing!


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  • A stylish backpack that comes with a laptop sleeve & travel wallet
  • Designed to be able to keep up with you in both work & play
  • Live freely knowing your backpack is secure in a waterproof & theft-proof backpack

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Admin & Shipping Info
- This group order is for those residing in Singapore only. - For orders outside of SG, additional shipping may apply. Please drop us a note at - After the hunt ends, we will update everyone via email with details on shipping - Estimate ship date to SG is Jan 2017
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Phang Ye Sheng a month ago

Hi i went to their indiegogo page and saw that their indiegogo order includes travel wallet and tech sleeves. If we order it from here will we get those two items as well?

Darren Ang 2 months ago

YAY! so it has been confirmed! project backed successfully. now, how do we get the updates the Code 10 will post on KS? it would be great to be kept in the loop on what's happening as well!

joelleong 2 months ago

Hey Darren - thanks for joining us on the hunt, and for the excellent suggestion! We're actually building a feature at the moment which would allow us to provide everyone with swift campaign updates, and we can't wait to release the new version to the community with tons of upgraded features we think you'll all love. In the meantime, here's a snippet of the updates so far. More to come! =)

And we're done! Our #Kickstarter campaign has finished and it's been an amazing ride! Almost 2000 backers, more than $200k raised and literally thousands of messages of support, advice and comments from the amazing Kickstarter community.

Once again, thanks to everyone who has backed us, supported us and encouraged us during this campaign. Thanks also to all of you that have given us new ideas and suggestions and also helped answer questions and comments from other backers - a big shout out to Srikanth B, Chris C, Nicholas Pires, Eugene, Alexander Burnos, Jennifer, Joel, Davin and others!

Psyiche 2 months ago

Hi, Similar product for comparison. UK pounds 29.90 - work out to about $58

Wilson Cai ChuanBang a month ago

LOL good eye, but not in the same league to compare lack the casual look as well the Code 10 have for casual or office use. also no extra pockets and all. COde10 can carry 22L worth of stuff. $40 more for more perks/security and storage why not.

Hey Psyiche and Wilson;

Damn awesome we're all in this together. What a wonderful Deepavali it's turning out to be! Keep those wonderful comments coming! 2 months ago

Hi can I get mine in the colour black?

joelleong 2 months ago

Hey jodi! Sure thing - you can select your color option at checkout! If you've already made an order and would like to switch - just email us =)

Great hunt! Just to clarify, when we make order the backpack + tech sleeve here, we will also get the USB cable, Travel Wallet and Water Bottle?

joelleong 2 months ago

Hey EJ - glad you think so! =D Yes this hunt is a group-pledge to their Kickstarter campaign so I do believe it should come with the stretch goals unlocked by the community.

Hello, The video etc says that the backpack will be ready for Christmas. I understand that you have built in a buffer until January, but I only want to buy one if I can have it by Xmas. When will you know the exact date?

Hey Teon,

Alas, from our experience with crowdfunded projects, there is really no certainty. While the Code 10 team are experienced and have laid down a marker for themselves, there are also many things beyond their control, especially the logistics agents and delivery.

I doubt we will have exact dates; if we posed this to Code 10, we'd probably get the same answer. This would make a great gift anyway; my suggestion is to get it and if it doesn't arrive by Christmas, give the receipt as a teaser gift :)

Real sorry we can't give you specifics; it's really just how it works for these projects.

simonphun 2 months ago

Now that Steel Blue or Copper Red is unlocked, would this color option be made available for order? Thanks.

joelleong 2 months ago

Hey Simon! Blue is unlocked (they were only going to add one color and put it to the vote), and we've just added the option to order Blue at checkout. Cheers! =)

simonphun 2 months ago

Hey Joel, great! I've joined the hunt. Cheers :)

Shi Ling 2 months ago

Hi, i know the order has been ended. Is there any ways that i can still order? Thanks.

joelleong 2 months ago

Hey Shi Ling! You asked, we listened! While the Grouphunt for the crowdfunding campaign is over, we've worked hard to contact the makers from Code 10 directly to put together a 2nd run, and you can join in here >

You Fangg 2 months ago

Will this go below $90 if more and more people join? say 20 more?

joelleong 2 months ago

Hey You Fangg - we're in touch with Code 10 directly but this is the best price they can do for us at this stage. When the product hits retail it's likely to be at a higher price, and if you see what the backpack comes in I think you'll agree it's good value - I believe the current 50 other hunters think so too! =)

selenaleung 2 months ago

When is the expected delivery date?

Hey Selena,

As with all crowdfunded projects, we have built in a buffer for their estimated delivery and we are looking at January 2017 as the target date :)

See Hong Jin 2 months ago

Will we have the options to choose the colours (as available on kickstarter)?

joelleong 2 months ago

Totally HJ! Thanks for the heads up - just saw that they've unlocked the stretch goal on KS so we've added in the options at checkout. Cheers! =)

Swordsly 2 months ago

How do I change my order?

joelleong 2 months ago

Hey Swordsly - just email us =D

Mach Phive 2 months ago

the price has dropped to $92.90. I paid $102.90. Delivery is the same period of Jan 2017. Can i cancel my previous order and re-order at this lower price?

joelleong 2 months ago

Hey Mach! Thanks for joining in early and contributing to the hunts success! There's no need to cancel your order - everyone ends up paying the lowest unlocked price, which is $92.90. Your card will only be charged at the end of the hunt. Cheers! =)

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