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Nora, The Smart Snoring Solution

The smart , non evasive way to your snoring problems

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Nora is the first smart and non-invasive snoring solution that’s designed specifically to stop snoring before it wakes your sleeping partner. With Nora, there is nothing to wear to bed—no masks, dentures, or nose strips. In fact, you might not be able to spot it in a bedroom unless someone points it out.

Nora bedsider listens all night, so you don’t have to.

Nora blends in beautifully in any bedroom setting.

Nora’s companion app offers insights into your sleep and snoring patterns.

Nora silently and gently moves your head using a lightweight, padded insert that sits under the pillow. This slight movement stimulates the relaxed throat muscles. As a result, the airway assumes its natural position and you can breathe normally once again.

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