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KAZbrella - Revolutionary Inside Out Umbrella

Drip free, dry to handle, opens/closes in confined spaces. The much needed redesign of the umbrella!

Suggested by ivypang

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Original MSRP: $95
49 / 25
requested for this
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Hey everyone,

This is a wonderful product that has been very popular since their Kickstarter days. We've gotten in touch with them and as of now, they are unable to meet the overwhelming demand; they are very big on quality of each piece and do not want to risk mass producing at a rate that compromises on the quality of each piece. That is highly commendable and we, like the rest of the world, might have to wait a little longer before they are ready for mass purchases.

When they are ready, we will be here waiting to get the best price possible for everyone. In the meantime, happy Hunting!

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