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FOSTEX P1000-BH + FE103En

Experience the high-efficiency sound of force by the back load horn

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Experience the high-efficiency sound of force by the back load horn!

P1000-BH is, P1000K and "stereo (Ongaku)" magazine 2015 August issue appendix, is back loaded horn type speaker box for 10cm full-range speaker unit P1000 ".

The back-load horn?

The back-load horn, in the interior of the box of the speaker, creating a path of trumpet and horn of such a sound, by gradually increasing the cross-sectional area toward the opening section, is designed so that sounded a powerful bass a kind of speaker box of the type was. Speaker unit that as it is to use the sound emitted in the rear (= inside of a box) of (= sound the part that occurs), unlike a typical sealed and bass reflex type speakers, good bass quality is, of course, sound such as the goodness of the rising and vocal vivid, and it is possible to experience the realistic sound of the back-load horn unique.

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