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Jackall Tiny Fry 50SP [2nd Run]

Petite little fry with devastating catch rates!

Suggested by kenttankienwei

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Small in size but big in action! Petite little fry with devastating buoyant wobbling action!

The Jackall Tiny Fry is a traditional small sized minnow lure that imitates game bait exactly. Works especially well targeting bass, chub and trout in smaller reservoirs with a strong current. The lure is placed inside a fairly powerful balancing ball, which provides a clear and far throw together with a cute-ish sound effect. Crank it, Reel it, Twitch it - it works fine under a variety of postings. Best way to work it is still cranking and pausing with varying durations - illicit the big takes on ultralight tackle!

  • Retail Pricing: S$17.2
  • Grouphunt Pricing: S$10 (20pcs and above)

Lure Actions: Twitching and Regular Retrieve

Product Specs

Weight : 2.7 g

Size : 50 mm

Type : Suspend

Depth : 1.6-3.2 ft

Colors Available

5 Colors for this Grouphunt, best selling ones are the Orange and Gold - which looks like regular goldfishes that baiters like to use in local waters

Admin & Shipping Info
  • This group order is organised in partnership with one of the largest local distributors of fishing tackle, authenticity is assured
  • This group order is only available for those residing in Singapore. For orders outside of SG, additional shipping may apply. Please drop us a note at before ordering.
  • No returns are available for this deal
  • After this hunt ends, everyone will be updated everyone via email. Shipping options available for selection at checkout
  • Product arrives in about 1 week after end of order period
  • Estimated ship date is 29th Jan 2016 (Typically earlier)
Additional Info: Original Link
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