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"Oi" Bike Bell

The bike bell that doesn't look like a bike bell.

Suggested by johnbosco

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32 / 25
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Bike bells generally look and sound a bit ugly. But why? What if they looked sexy and sounded like an angel playing a glockenspiel?

The Oi bell's shape originates from its home - the handle bar. Our design team explored hundreds of iterations in designing the style. Then tested and prototyped different widths, depths, materials, curvature, actuators, springs and more to get to the optimum design.

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johnbosco 9 months ago

Possibly the sexiest, sleekest bike bell out there right now!!

I'm sure it'd look good on your new electric scooter too! C'mon everyone, let's get one!

Hi, any update on this hunt?

johnbosco 7 months ago

hey @alc217 - thanks for checking in!

Sure! We've been in touch with the founders already back when their Kickstarter campaign just closed - they didn't have any options for a bulk purchase where you could pick and choose colors (only had a 10 pcs set that had 2 colors of the entire range each, of which some colors aren't as popular) - not much cost savings too!

Currently they are buckling down to produce the orders from the Kickstarter campaign, and will let us know when there stocks for us to sell on Grouphunt. I expect this to take quite awhile, but I will make sure to keep you updated here/

In the meantime, do you have any alternatives to this bell that we can look for/try sourcing for? Let me know!

Thanks for the update! No, don't have any alternatives to suggest... This bell is just too damn sleek!

johnbosco 7 months ago

hahaha, yes I know right! haven't seen anything like it yet. Ok, will continue trying for this! :)

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