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Aidata EZ Laptop Riser

A fuss-free laptop stand that actually works, and is by far the most economically priced

Suggested by johnboscong
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$10 / pc
Delivery: $3 - $6
10 Orders
21 Orders
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The cheapest laptop stand in SG that works like it should — Aidata EZ Laptop Riser

Everyday the GroupHunt team spends about 10+ hours working on their laptops. This is a really long time. While we enjoy increasingly faster and lighter upgrades to laptops each year, one human problem remains constant. We neglect the fact that we are spending more and more time hunching over our tiny screens, killing our backs, necks and just screwing up our overall posture.

Laptops by default have poor viewing angles, so a quick fix would be to augment them with a simple laptop stand. Whether you plan to improvise/build one on your own for cheap, or buy an expensive one with fancy design and over the top features, it’s probably a good idea to do yourself a solid and get one.

Being the value conscious chaps (being cheap) like we are, we decided to take option one: build it ourselves.

Elevation is good, but no viewing angles and zero portability

Only to fail miserably.

Existing options in the market were either too expensive, not portable or just didn't seem worth it — not even with the prospect of potentially screwing up our eyes and postures for good at stake. We thought all was lost, until one fine day when we chanced upon an small package sitting innocuously in the bottom corner of a local Popular book store (admittedly not one of your usual places to be shopping for tech).

We found the Aidata EZ Laptop Riser (SGD 12.9) — probably the cheapest, most value for money portable laptop stand you can buy in Singapore that really works like advertised. After a quick conversation from the staff we also realised that this is a rare find indeed, we snagged one from the last batch that they are bringing in.

Here’s a quick review.

Packaging is not impressive, but at the price point you really can’t expect much.

When you actually get your hands on product, it immediately shouts normalcy. Build quality is nothing to shout about, but the plastic does feel tough and durable. The “you can throw around the room and it will still work” kind.

Handling wise its lightweight, portable and folds down nicely into a compact sheet that is flush with laptops. See how it fits into my work bag.

Laptop is a 13inch MacBook Pro (Not latest model)

The chassis is minimally designed, yet has all the necessary functions you’d expect in a respectable laptop stand. 3 different viewing angles at 15/25/35º offers computing comfort and the flexibility to suit most casual users. We found that the stand worked best for us at 25º.

Total of 6 Inlets for adjustable viewing angles.
Inside view. Nothing much here.

Rubber grips help prevent sliding, and it fits any laptop roughly in that size range, using gravity as part of its mechanics.

Packed View — bottom barrier on both sides.

Here’s our one and only beef — sometimes the bottom barrier that is designed to prevent your laptop from sliding off sticks out a bit too much for modern slim laptops.

To sum it up. If you’ve been in the market for a laptop stand, and can’t afford expensive options, it will be a crime to ignore this. The stand is crazy affordable. And it does what it sets out to do without ever getting in your way.

Dimensions: 23.5cm x 30cm x 3cm

Admin & Shipping Info:

- Prices are in SGD, group buy only for those residing within Singapore

- I'll be collecting a deposit first, once we confirm the final orders at the end of campaign I'll request a 2nd transfer. Any questions, just msg me via the enquiries button above

- After campaign ends and we verified that you paid, details for collection will be sent.

- Choose bank transfers whenever possible! It's more of a hassle, but helps save your money and bypass any fees from payment processing.

- The laptop stand is fulfilled by a local distributor I found so delivery/collection is swift, don't need to wait for so long.

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johnboscong a year ago

Possibly the cheapest, most value-for-money laptop stand you can find in SG that works. I negotiated a nice price for bulk orders, so you should seriously consider getting one.

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