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Electric Unicycles

Suggested by abelteo

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I'm pretty keen on getting an electric unicycle because it's a portable mode of urban transport, and my new office is 5km away from the train station - too far to walk, too near to warrant waiting for and taking a bus. What are the best unicycles in the market you would recommend? Help me out by suggesting more options, or vote if you'd like to get one and we'll see if there's enough interest to get a group order going!

Ninebot One

Suggested by Joel Leong

"This is the best looking unicycle I've come across, and it has rim lights which look good and add to the safety factor. It's top speed is 30km/h which is one of the best out there, though the downsides are it's hefty price point and it's 13kg weight"


Suggested by Abel Teo

"Probably the economical option"


Suggested by Wilson Wong


Suggested by John Tan

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