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Critter Catcher - Safely Catch & Release Bugs at home!

Safely Catch & Release Bugs at Home!

Suggested by johnbosco

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Safely Catch & Release Bugs at Home!

Don't be afraid of Spiders & Insects! My Critter Catcher gives YOU the power to safely and easily remove spiders, and household pests. Plus, the critter's are unharmed while you bring them back to nature, where they belong. No more spraying harmful chemicals in your home, around your children and pets! No more swatting and cleaning bug spots off the wall! My Critter Catcher is your safe, and environmentally friendly solution!

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seansnc 3 months ago

Hey there, is also effective for lizards (saying we are able to catch it)?

johnbosco 3 months ago

Hey @seansnc, I think so!

johnbosco 3 months ago

Perfect for new home owners! Don't live in fear anymore :)

Irwin Tan 3 months ago

Works great for spiders. Any idea how effective it is for cockroaches in singapore?

johnbosco 3 months ago

Did some research online and apparently some users have used it successfully for cockroaches too, due to the texture of the nylon bristles.

The effectiveness depends a combination of ( 1) user skill level, (2) how fast the bug is and (3) if it is a flying cockroach or not.. haha. Think if its flying then there will be some difficulty? I can think of a million ways to use this as compared to going with my bare hands though ;)

joelleong 3 months ago

Lol @johnbosco I like how it's marketed to also safely release the bugs - that care!

johnbosco 3 months ago

I know right! I need this catcher...

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