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Lightcase Pro – Bigger Pop Up Photo Studio for Smartphones

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iphone 6 plus with the Lightcase Pro
iphone 6 plus with the Lightcase Pro

Crisp, clear, professional images using natural light are at your fingertips. There is no need for expensive lighting gear - Lightcase Pro is made of a special material that offers exceptional, even, ambient light no matter where you are. Use it with your smartphone or camera with no post-editing needed.

Last year we launched the Lightcase original on Kickstarter with a fantastic response and great feedback (you can see it here). You asked for bigger so we bring you the Lightcase PRO:

  • Bigger by 175%
  • Expandable design - join multiple units together
  • More diffusion - the thicker material enhances the diffused natural light
  • Simpler – quicker and easier to set up
  • Stronger – more stable structure
  • Adaptable – open up the possibilities by opening the back, sides or top

Get professional looking photos in less than 30 seconds!

"This product is great for both casual photographers and professionals because of its portable design. It breaks down to the size of a folder, and in no time you can slip it in a bag and be on your way." - Favecrafts

What they said about Lightcase Original
What they said about Lightcase Original

Non Professionals

With the Lightcase Pro and just a smartphone you can take incredible shots for your blog, shop, Instagram, Pinterest etc.

Jumping Jupiters Toy Store using the Lightcase PRO for their online catalogue
Jumping Jupiters Toy Store using the Lightcase PRO for their online catalogue


Take a Lightcase Pro on client visits for product shots on the fly. You can use it with your own studio lights, natural light or combine the two. Your pop up studio can be set up in seconds. It makes your photo studio easily portable.

Professional photographer Liam Lynch didn't need his studio lighting here. The Lightcase enhances the natural light giving more natural colours and soft shadows.
Professional photographer Liam Lynch didn't need his studio lighting here. The Lightcase enhances the natural light giving more natural colours and soft shadows.


Lightcase Pro offers infinite opportunities for your creative mind. Use great photo apps with your iPhone such as Manual or VSCOcam to experiment further.

Social Media and Bloggers

Use your smartphone to take instant shots and in a flash post them online. Stop frame animation and timelapse videos of instructables all got a whole lot easier with Lightcase Pro.


Photographing arrangements of beautiful things for your Instagram feed has never been easier. Place your phone on top of the Lightcase PRO and share. No editing needed.

Built to hold a smartphone for top down shooting

"My favorite feature of the Lightcase Pro is that you can use take your photos from above. Created with a stable structure and strong material, you can place your phone flat on the top over the spy hole and see perfectly into the box" - Favecrafts

Exposed front for a variety of working angles and distances

Use any camera!

By joining together 2, 3 or even 4 Lightcase Pros together you can expand the photographic area by up to 340%.

Four Lightcase Pros together create a huge space big enough for most products
Four Lightcase Pros together create a huge space big enough for most products
Two Lightcases joined together for wide objects
Two Lightcases joined together for wide objects

We designed the Lightcase Pro to help your online business stand out from the rest.

  • Clean background made from Yupo, premium material for ultra smooth backgrounds
  • Enhances the existing lighting
  • Set up in less than 30 seconds
  • One smart material, diffuses existing lighting but precludes glare
  • No batteries or artificial lighting required
  • Folds down to flatpack

Behind the Lightcase Pro is a team of Designer/Makers who know all too well the importance of quality photos. We came up with the Lightcase to help us get studio quality photos without the cost, time and equipment. We originally launched the Lightcase on Kickstarter with rave reviews and worldwide support. Now that we have expanded the Lightcase, the uses have expanded too.

  • Set up the Lightcase Pro by popping and clicking it into shape
  • Place near a source of natural light
  • Insert your background sheet
  • Position object
  • Frame and shoot
  • You can edit your image within your phone app if needed and post online

As well as photographing objects, you can also use the Lightcase Pro to scan photos, documents and do stop-frame animation. There are so many great apps out there for image processing, animation and photographic effects, creating images with the Lightcase Pro is a lot of fun.

Skin tones look great in the diffused natural light of the Lightcase Pro
Skin tones look great in the diffused natural light of the Lightcase Pro

"Especially friendly for online markets like Etsy, this could change the way your clientele sees your merchandise. As you know, a picture is worth a thousand words, and the Lightcase Pro can change those words from negative to positive with just one shot." - Favecrafts

Lightcase Pro is made from polypropylene. Polypropylene is made up from carbon and hydrogen, and is manufactured without any dangerous emissions. It can be recycled up to 50 times. Our manufacturer has produced the prototypes shown in the images. Your funding will go towards the setting up of the die cuts from which the polypropylene case can be manufactured and then the production of the minimum order of 1000 units. You will receive the Lightcase Pro flat packed into its neat case with a white backdrop. Having just set it up once you will easily be able to pop it into shape on the go.

Take it with you where ever you go for great shots on the fly
Take it with you where ever you go for great shots on the fly

Material: frosted Polypropylene
Size: 13.3” H x 15.1” W x 11.2” D (337mm H x 384mm W x 285mm D)
Size Collapsed: 15.3” x 11.4”
Backdrop: white Yupo - 21.3" x 14.9" coated polypropylene
Camera angles: Front shooting with infinite backdrop, top down shooting, hole size: 1.5” Diameter
Lighting: natural or studio lighting
100% Recyclable

Note: the backdrop that comes with your Lightcase Pro will not cover the whole area of multiple Lightcase Pros joined together. We will have a template for the larger backgrounds on our website. You will be able to simply cut out your own backdrops from the material of your choice though we do recommend Yupo for its sheer smoothness and flexibility. We may also be able to supply the larger backdrops as a stretch goal.

What you get - Lightcase flatpack, white backdrop and instruction sheet.
What you get - Lightcase flatpack, white backdrop and instruction sheet.

We really need your support to get the Lightcase PRO made. We are offering our backers:

  • Money-Back Guarantee: We are so sure that you will love your Lightcase Pro that we are offering a full money back guarantee If you decide you don’t like it within 1 month of receiving it, you can return it for a full pledge refund (see FAQ for details).
  • Early-Adopter Discount: The first 250 backers will receive a discounted Lightcase PRO in appreciation of your early support.
  • We Listen: We treat backers as collaborators—we really value your input, and we promptly and transparently address all questions and concerns.
  • We Need You: We’ve covered all the design and prototyping costs, but we can’t manufacture and ship the Lightcase Pro without your support.
  • We are offering Lightcase Pro to backers at a similar cost to the original Lightcase - a lot below the MSRP/RRP.
  • Free delivery any where in the world.

Please help us bring Lightcase Pro to market by pledging your support today. With your funding we can get the tooling done for the first production run of the Lightcase Pro and help your online business thrive with awesome images.

Thank you so much. You are supporting a great product that is going to revolutionize your product photography!

Thank you for making this happen!

Lightcase Creative Team

Dom Crinson, Brenna Jensen, Yodhi Bergman and Ben Hillier
Combining US, English and Australian creativity

A big thanks to Jim Coad for the Video, Liam Lynch for the photography work (as seen in the video) and Rob Jennings for the design work.

Risks and challenges

Our experience with our first Lightcase project has helped us to foresee any problems in the production and then delivery to you. We had great success delivering 98% of our Lightcases before the scheduled date so we have great confidence in attaining those results again. We have worked hard to minimise any risks both in the manufacture and distribution of the product. We have a very reliable tried and tested manufacturer from China, who produced our second batch of Lightcase1’s for which we received not a single complaint. We have set up distribution in the US, UK and Australia so that we can get the products to you quickly. Last year we had a 99.5% successful delivery rate so we think we can match that this time. Any none deliveries will be resent another Lightcase Pro.
Again we have built in extra time for the manufacture to ensure that we can deliver on time.
Our one concern is the backdrop as we are using a new material, Yupo, that can be rolled up. This means that we need to design the packaging carefully. We think we will use a rigid tube and insert this into the hard envelope and we will test this in the next two weeks.
STOP PRESS - Now we found that a rigid tube can fit in the existing A3 packaging, so your Lightcase Pro can delivered as easily as the original Lightcase.

Admin & Shipping Info

  • This is a group pre-order for a crowdfunding project. By joining, you agree that GroupHunt is a pure logistics facilitator and does not guarantee the final product as advertised by the creator.
  • This group order is only available for those residing in Singapore. For orders outside of SG, additional shipping may apply. Please drop us a note at before ordering.
  • As this is a crowdfunding project, no returns are available.
  • After the hunt ends, we'll update everyone via email. According to the project creator, the order is estimated to ship in Nov 2015.
  • Once the orders have been received in our warehouse, we will redistribute locally or inform you for collection. GroupHunt will not be responsible for any delays caused by the project creator.
christinaliang a year ago

Get pro photos in a snap using your iPhone or camera. Lightcase enhances the natural light. Now bigger and expandable!

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