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Laneway Festival 2016 Group Tickets [5th Run]

35% off Singapore's largest annual indie music festival

Suggested by Manju P Mohanam
Group Price:
6 Orders
Max. 12

This current run has ended, but there are more recent runs for Laneway Festival 2016 Group Tickets [5th Run]. Click here to go to the most recent run.

$159 / pc
Original MSRP: $184
Delivery: Free
6 Orders
Max. 12
12 Ordered!
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Laneway's having a two week early-bird group promo, so we're GroupHunting it!

We know it's hard to find other people to unlock the promo - but not to worry, GroupHunt's got you covered =D

Join our group to get 15% off Laneway 2016. Original tickets will be priced at $180/ticket plus booking fees. Join our group and you'll get a ticket for just $155. That's 15% OFF and the best price you're ever going to get at this point!

Admin & FAQ

  • Unlike most hunts, orders for this hunt will be placed with the local vendor in groups of 6
  • GroupHunt is a local registered company and uses PayPal for payment processing, so you can be ensured the legitimacy of your transaction.
  • While we can not guarantee the availability of the tickets, we can guarantee you that if you don't get your tickets you will not be charged.
  • Once the group has been formed and the order closed, you will receive the e-ticket in your inbox within 24 hours
  • This group order is available for Singapore only. If you reside overseas and are traveling to attend Laneway, please email before placing your order.

Q: Is GroupHunt legit?
A: Yes we are. We've already formed 4 groups of happy Laneway go-ers prior to this hunt, and will continue to do so. We use paypal to handle payments, and paypal has buyer protection so you're safe. We are also a local registered company in Singapore and have been featured in various press outlets like Stuff Mag, TechinAsia, Vulcan Post, e27, and our parent company has been featured in Straits Times and Business Times.

Q: Can GroupHunt guarantee my ticket?
A: Laneway is setting aside limited sets of these group tickets. While we can't guarantee the availability of the Laneway promos, what we promise is that we'll place orders in multiples of 12, and as fast as we can.

Q: What if the group I joined doesn't end in a multiple of 12?
A: We will aim for groups to close in multiples of 12. If you're the last group and have at least 6 in the group we'll still place the order. Unfortunately we can't do anything about that, but what you can do is to join in as soon as possible and spread the word!

Q: Is GroupHunt associated with Laneway?
A: Not yet. We've reached out to them to pursue a closer working relationship for group ticketing. **Fingers crossed!**

Q: Isn't the group promo for $150 if we get 12 tickets, why am I being charged $155?
A: Firstly, Sistic has a $4 booking fee per ticket. Secondly, it costs money to transfer money over the Internet (we hate this too). The additional amount covers payment processing and administration fees (very reasonable), and you're still getting a huge discount you otherwise wouldn't have been able to. =)

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William Wijaya a year ago

hey i wanna ask, i've ordered the ticket and i am the 6th person and it charged me for $159. what if there are 12 people ? will the charge be changed to $155?

William Wijaya a year ago

and oh i am not from singapore. and i just read that it's for singaporean only ? so can you let me know about my order ? will it be cancelled or i can still order the ticket ? thanks.

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