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Slimfold: Original Soft Shell Wallet

The new SlimFold™ Soft Shell line is made from a material which feels similar to a ski jacket, yet is so abrasion resistant, it’s rated for use in motorcycle wear. It was even subjected to 70mph crash-testing on real pavement during development.

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Original MSRP: $79
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Originally created for motorcycle wear, the material was subjected to 70mph crash tests using real pavement during development. This format is based on the layout of the "Original Size" Tyvek model, but the best construction methods from fabric and leather are applied. This format places the cards next to each other resulting in the thinnest wallet possible. The footprint is a bit larger, but fits in both front and back pockets easily. The orange stitching on the deep black provides a nice pop of color.
Product Specs
- Ideal for 11 cards but holds 20+ - Hybrid ID slot/window with plastic cover - Deep pocket for international bills and large checks - Waterproof - Stain resistant - Machine washable (no fabric softener please!)
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nicholaslee 4 months ago

Able to hold many many cards while still keeping a reasonable thickness. This wallet keeps the pants bulge down. Water and wear resistance is a bonus too.

The capacity seems a bit artificial, as he only slotted blank cards, not ones with raised/embossed numbers, which adds to the thickness of the wallet. However, not sure how many people have the equivalent of 15 cards to tote around.

nicholaslee 4 months ago

I got about 10 cards witha few notes. less than 2cm thick

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