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Dr Slick Reel and Nipper

Handle tool, stored within reach for fishing trips

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Keep your nippers close with Dr Slick's Reel & Nipper

A must for most anglers’ vests or packs, these handy retractors keep all your gadgets easily accessible. Nippers are one of the most heavily used and critical tools for your vest or bag. Designed for snipping tippet tag ends, clipping off flies, cutting leader material, cleaning hook eyes, sharpening hooks, or tying nail knots, these nippers are the workhorses of the fishing world. All nippers are 2” and have super sharp blades, an industrial strength hook eye cleaning pin, and a built-in hook file. Knot-tying models have an easy-to-use nail knot tube attached.

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durable retractable cord, easily clipped-on for ease of use and importantly, the reel does not have parts that would rust. space to add on split ring tweezers.

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