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Pebble Time Smartwatch

Suggested by joelleong
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Max. 30

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$247.90 / pc
Delivery: Free
Max. 30
2 Ordered!
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The Pebble Time has hit $10Million in 1 day. The lowest tier remaining is 189 USD per watch including shipping, but estimated delivery is in June (1 month later than everyone else). If we get 30 people, we get each watch for 178.69 USD, including 7% GST and shipping to Singapore. That means we're each saving a cool SGD $14.83 on each watch, as compared to the lowest tier - plus we still get the watches in May. For calculations, I've used the exchange rate is 1 USD = 1.39 SGD, which is the estimation at forex and credit card rates at time of charging (30 days from now). The pebble time creators state that it's estimated to ship in May this year. Once I receive the shipment, I'll schedule a meetup. Join as soon as you can, the sooner I hit 30 the sooner I'll place the order and guarantee our spot (there are limited distributor slots available). If we don't manage to hit it, I'll refund you guys the deposit. Help me rope in your friends or spread the word around the island! :-)
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joelleong a year ago

Pebble fans, over $10 Million raised in a day! We're group buying to save on shipping and price. We need 30 people to get USD$178.69 per watch (Retail Price $199 + shipping). Join us!

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