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Sheaffer NoNonsense Pen

Introduced in 1969, this pen is derivative of the classic Sheaffer flat top pens from 1914 through 1929 that one almost expects to find a lever on the side.

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The NoNonsense shares many of the design elements of the early flat tops in addition to the cap and barrel. The ball-end clip is a direct lift from the early straight clip pens, though the Sheaffer name is stamped "SHEAFFER" in simple block letters, instead of the classic bold "SHEAFFER'S" on vintage pens. The single wide cap band recalls pre-1928 single band pens, though the band is wider and closer to the cap lip. The nib and section are in the same proportion, with the new pen being stainless steel and a plainer stamping. And of course, as there is much less hardware in the newer pen, it's quite a bit lighter. The original NoNonsense pens were solid color navy blue and khaki with chrome trim and stainless steel nibs. The first pens likely had hard rubber feeds, which were still being produced in the 1960s, though this has long since changed to plastic. The pen quickly gained wide acceptance, and Sheaffer was making the pens in numerous colors, solid and translucent, and special screen-printed models. The pen became a workhorse for Sheaffer's promotions department as an imprintable gift pen.

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