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Bobby Anti-Theft Bag [2nd Run]

The Best Anti-Theft Backpack Packed With Features

Suggested by iamchard
Group Price:
100 Orders
Max. 400

This current run has ended, but there are more recent runs for Bobby Anti-Theft Bag [2nd Run]. Click here to go to the most recent run.

$109 / pc
Original MSRP: $139
Delivery: Free
100 Orders
Max. 400
400 Ordered!
Expected Delivery: Late October 2016
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Bobby, The Best Anti-Theft Bagpack!

How many times have you heard someone telling their loved ones to, "carry your bag in front of you and don't put your walletr in your back pocket" when overseas? Pretty common, I bet. With the Bobby Backpack, that will no longer be necessary. Stump even the most hardened of pickpockets and give yourself the peace of mind to explore that crowded city.

Every day 400.000 pick pocket incidents occur worldwide. Never worry about this happening to you with the Bobby Anti-Theft backpack. Key features as cut-proof material, hidden zipper closures and secret pockets will keep your belongings safe during your commutes.

Besides being the safest backpack it is also the the most convenient backpack with features such as: an integrated USB charging port, weight balance, water repellent fabric, illuminating safety strips and luggage strap - all to keep you juiced up, on the go.















Choose between getting your Bobby Bagpack in either grey or midnight blue.


Midnight Blue

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  • Made from cut-proof material
  • Hidden zippers make it impossible for would-be thieves to even open your bag!
  • Cleverly designed inner pockets to fit all your gear
  • Convenient pockets and external charger to keep you juiced up on the go
  • Enjoy 21% OFF and FREE delivery when you join this hunt!
Admin & Shipping Info
- This group order is only available for those residing in Singapore - For orders outside of SG, additional shipping may apply. Please drop us a note at before ordering. - After the hunt ends, we'll update everyone via email. - The order is estimated to ship in Late October 2016 - Once the orders have been received in our warehouse, we will redistribute locally or inform you for collection.
Additional Info: Original Link
Leon Chia 2 days ago

Received my Bobby bag yesterday and began using it today. Impressed with the overall quality and build, quite comfortable on the back. It rained this morning and I had my umbrella, but it was good to see/feel the water-repelling quality of the bag. It remained dry and water could simply be flicked off the surface. All in all, I'm quite happy with this group buy - my first!

yanhan 2 days ago

Awesome Leon!

Thanks for sharing; these are amazing informative tidbits that serve the community well :) Looking forward to bringing you folks more products and receiving reviews from everyone :)

jewloves a month ago

Hi grouphunters! Just a quick comment since I've been using the bag for about a week or so now (kickstarter backer ^^). the bag is generally quite spacious and fit for everyday use. i carry along a macbook pro, power cord, ipad mini, 600ml water bottle, power bank, everything also bring pouch (the girls will know what i'm talking about) and an umbrella. to be honest, given the weather in singapore, the bag will be able to go a drizzle without getting your things wet inside (i walked through a drizzle recently) and i find it troublesome to use the rain cover (i have one which i don't bring) because i will simply just use my umbrella if the rain gets too heavy.. and a quick caution about the quick access card pockets on the bag strap. be careful of it. i've almost lost my ez-link card twice this week for simply just slotting the card into the quick access. the card tends to slip out halfway of the pocket.. so just be wary of that happening when you start using the bag~ (:

Thanks Jewell!

We definitely needed a review like yours, it gives us that buzz when an informed member of our community approves :)

Wang Jun Lem a month ago

Awesome! Thanks for the real-life review :) I don't have a very clear idea of how much storage this thing can handle though (the 13L metric sounds dubious...), so like, with your normal load, how many books can you fit inside further? Let's say we use a full copy of ST as a measurement for thickness - how many more sets of newspaper can you fit inside?

Andy Siew 17 days ago

Hello, I would like to know how I can know when my bag will arrive? Thanks :)

Hey Andy,

As communicated over email; when products are shipped out or ready for collection, an email update is sent out.

Similarly, the Status of your order in your account under Order History is updated. If you do not receive an email when the stated delivery period has passed, you can first check this order Status. The emails we send, if unreceived, are normally hiding in your Spam folder or Promotions Tab :)

Dani Ramdani a month ago

Make the black color option available please...

joelleong a month ago

Hey Dani! Unfortunately for this run the black isn't available. The midnight might be worth considering though - in our talks with XD Design they often refer to the 'midnight' as the 'black' option because the colors are so similar from the exterior. =)

Neo_Rand-2016 a month ago

Here is a video link for Bobby Anti-Theft Bag.

Here is a link for Bobby Anti-Theft Bag website with all the infomation anyone would need.

nicadra a month ago

It will be good if the XD team can provide the raincover for this group hunt.. i meant it's already over 345 orders and I believe we dun mind the wait for this raincover to be included. It will be good for the erratic weather in SG.. put up your best nego skill group hunt team! 😂😂👍🏻👍🏻💪🏻💪🏻

Hey, i see that the Bobby was featured in today's Straits Times (28Sep), and the price is less than $100..

Simon Lea 25 days ago

Hey Chyork, yes we were excited to see Bobby featured in the Straits Times, we need more exposure on successful Kickstarter campaigns! Regarding your concern about the pricing, the price published in the paper was the the pre-order (kickstarter) price and also without shipping included.

Kickstarter prices are always the lowest they'll ever be, as the backers are funding the company and for sure prices will always go up once they hit retail. In Singapore, the retail price is $139. Hope this clears things up!

Tay Chin Peng a month ago

Hi, Is it too late for me to change the color of the bag I have ordered?

joelleong a month ago

Hey Chin Peng - not too late! Just email us and one of our happiness officers will get back to you shortly!

'eRic Choo a month ago


since the number of buyers had passed the 200 total mark, are we still looking at S$109/pc? The "Group Price" gauge is not updated, it still shows "100 orders". Could we get some help to update that?

Thank you in advance.


joelleong a month ago

Hey Ericc! Thanks for checking in - the 100 order tier is actually the minimum order required for the group order to go through, which we've since passed! =)

For this particular hunt for the Bobby Backpack though, there are no further price tiers to be unlocked - we've already tried our best to negotiate for this group price. Hope that helps!

'eRic Choo a month ago

Hi Joel,

Thank you for clearing the air! Looking forward to receiving the bag come late Oct '16.


joelleong a month ago

Most welcome Eric - we're looking forward to fulfilling it! =D

Hi, I notice on indiegogo they are also offering a deep red and full black colour. Would that be available to us too, or only to indiegogo backers?

Hey Elly!

At this point of time we only have the grey and blue options. will update if anything changes! (we are in contact with the good people behind this lovely bag :))

Tay Chin Peng a month ago

Hi Joel,

Could you ask the people at XD Design if we could add a Rain Cover to our purchase. It seems they don't sell it as an individual item. Thanks.

joelleong a month ago

Hey Chin Peng! We just checked in with them - the Rain Cover was a one-off production for the Kickstarter run, and unfortunately they won't be producing it any further.

Wilson Chew a month ago

Hi, When is the last day to order? Can i still order now? Regards wilson

hey Wilson,

you have 11 days and 5 hours left!!! but why wait when you can join everyone now :)

hit the 'Join Group Order' button on the top right hand side of the listing :)

Janice Tan a month ago

Hi I noticed that the bag has wiring for USB charging. Is that part removable in case I ever need to wash my bag due to accumulated dirt/internal spills?

joelleong a month ago

Hey Janice! You'll be happy to know that "The cable can easily be removed, there is a secret compartment inside the backpack (with a zipper) where you can easily reach inside the backpack and unplug the cable from the protective shell." - XD Design

Kelvon Von a month ago

Hello may I ask how to see my oder? Or my track number? 😂😂😂

Hey Kelvin :)

First question: Under Your Account 'Order History', you'll be able to view the order details.

Second question: Drop us an email at and we'll provide the tracking details.

We are anti-theft as well :)

joelleong 4 months ago

Hey everyone! We just got an update from XD Design (the good folks behind the Bobby Anti-Theft Backpack). They're keen to work with us on bulk orders which is awesome, but will only be ready to do so towards the end of the year after they fulfill their current crowdfunding orders. So in the meantime you can click request and then rest easy knowing that we'll notify you once we get further updates. Looking forward to this hunt going live again towards the later part of 2016. Cheers!

lyeheng a month ago

What does this order come with? Just a bag alone or there are other accessories such as bag cover tsa lock and weighing scale?

joelleong a month ago

Hey lyeheng, at the moment, this hunt for the Bobby backpack is for the bag only. Hope that helps clarify! =)

Tay Chin Peng a month ago

Is it confirm that we can receive the bag in November? Can I cancel my order if it is not received after November?

joelleong a month ago

Hey Chin Peng! For this hunt, our expected delivery date is late October. With each hunt we launch, we do our due diligence and coordination with suppliers on behalf of the group, and therefore have strong reason to believe we will fulfill according to our expected delivery date.

As this is a normal Grouphunt (and not a group pledge for a crowdfunding project), delivery is guaranteed - so while you can't cancel your order once the hunt has closed, if you don't receive your product, we won't take your money - that's our promise! =)

Hey there, do you have an estimate on the no. of litres of this backpack? Also, saw some unboxing vids via kickstarter that their purchases come with a raincover, tsa lock and bag weighing scale, is it the same for grouphunt? TIA!

joelleong a month ago

Hey je261, the Bobby backpack will hold 13L. Currently this particular hunt doesn't include any extras, as those extras were stretch goals for the Kickstarter campaign.

'eRic Choo a month ago

Hi Joel,

do you think we could at least push for the rain-cover? I thought the rain-cover would be a must-have as compared to a good-to-have.


Amber Lin a month ago

Hello, I was wondering if you have any information about the weight of the bag?

joelleong a month ago

Hey Amber! The weight of the empty Bobby backpack is 850 gr. Hope that helps! =)

Shi Ling Teh a month ago

Hey would the bag be in by end of November?

Simon Lea a month ago

Hey Shi Ling, thanks for asking! We're aiming to get the bags to all of you by end October! Hope this works for you :)

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