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The Dash Wireless Earphones by Bragi

Experience the world’s first wireless smart earphones.

Suggested by Kenji Hong

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Original MSRP: $429
71 / 25
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Official review looks good but the comments on the ground isn't . Battery life , constant disconnectivity etc. A Friend regretted purchasing the first production.

joelleong 8 months ago

Thanks for the insight! Do you know if they have made any upgrades since?

Not that I know of . I was so excited for this along with earin. Was going to buy both. But held back as the price was too steep a price to pay if the product fails to live up to its potential, I believe the issues can be sorted out. Just not this first model. Do not take my word for it. There are a lot of real reviews out there. Be wary of any paid reviewers. I was one of them

keniishi 8 months ago

Thanks for the feedback @genxal

But if the price is Low enough......why not?

Calvin Lau Kai Mun 8 months ago

how's the negotiation going?

eugeneteh 6 months ago

Is this still active ?

Kenji Hong a year ago

Practical and innovative product for sports enthusiasts

joelleong a year ago

Super! I didn't realize this was being marketed for sports enthusiasts, which I think is a great move. There are a couple of other wireless earphones starting to hit the market now, but I can see a clear use case for sports.

Found a video review from The Verge at CES here:

mys7ix a year ago

I didn't realize that too. I was trying to find out the technical specs about the audio components but their site had nothing much on them. This might set a benchmark for future wireless earphones to come.

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