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DJI Mavic Pro

DJI's Mavic Pro Is Tiny, Foldable, and Super Smart

Suggested by Thiamseng Soh

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Thiamseng Soh 2 months ago

Foldable drone which tiny enough to fit in a back pocket, and weighs just 0.8 kg

Kipling 2 months ago

Are we going for the DJI Mavic PRO FLY MORE COMBO: Foldable Quadcopter Drone Kit with Remote, 3 Batteries, 16GB MicroSD, Charging Hub, Car Charger, Power Bank Adapter, Shoulder Bag. MRSP - USD1299. Able to add this as an option during the negotiation? OR Standard Starter package is at USD999. (1 battery)

Kipling 2 months ago
mirahelen 2 months ago

Hey Kipling, we are currently working hard to get the DJI Mavic Pro in and you are right, getting the bundle package would be more practical. This is currently on the top of our list for the products we would like to feature! Cheers!

Kipling 2 months ago

Dear Sir,

I have click on REQUEST for this item "" however, I have not received any emails regarding my request, if it has been accepted or not.

Could you look into this? could it be a bug in your website? Apparently, the clicks does recognise my "clicks", because, if toggles between the total number of requests.

I think it will be a good thing to trigger an email to the respondent, so that they knew that your system had acknowledged the request.


joelleong 2 months ago

Hey Kip! Always love it when users give us awesome suggestions like this one! Will definitely take this back to the team to discuss. I think there is currently supposed to be a pop-up confirmation on the site when you request from a hunt page, but none when you click request from a listings page. I guess we're also trying to balance confirmations without over 'spamming' our users' inboxes - maybe it's something we should seperate in terms of first time requestors vs frequent requestors. Thanks again for the heads up - keep em' comments comin! =D

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