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Pavlok Electric Band

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"Pavlok is a really cool product (worth a try!) for those who can't shake off bad habits." - Tessa

The Pavlok uses shock, vibration and beep technology to help you change your habits.

Some habits are "self shock", e.g., smoking, nail biting and going to the gym.

Other habits can be set with our app, e.g., waking up on time or staying off time-wasting websites.

Electric shock is scientifically proven with 80+ years of testing to be extremely effective at habit change.

And the Pavlok band works fast -- in most cases 5 days or less.

Based on Scientific Testing:

Pavlok is based on 80+ years of scientific testing.

The testing proves that shock works to help the majority of people quit smoking, stop nail biting, lose weight, etc. in 5 days or less.

Early users have been using Pavlok for months to make major and sustainable change in their lives. Here are a few of our favourites:

Nagina stopped biting her nails:

Marty quit smoking:

Tasha quit Sugar:

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