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Cafelat Tubbi Knockbox

Suggested by joelleong

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The Tubbi is the perfect accessory for home baristas to help you dispose of your espresso pucks. It has been over a year in development and gone through many prototypes but finally we got there in the end with a brilliant, yet very simple design. All it is, is a plastic tub and a bar! No nuts or bolts or anything.

The small tubbi may be small but it can comfortably hold 10 double pucks of coffee before it needs emptying. Thanks to the ingenious design, the bar just lifts out so you can empty it quickly and easily. When in use the bar is held in place and does not fall out.

The bar is made from a durable rubber material that is soft enough to be easy on the wrists but strong enough to last a long time. Inside the rubber bar is a stainless steel rod.

Should you ever lose the bottom ring or need a new bar, replacements are available.

Product Specs
Technical Specs: - Material :Abs Plastic, Rubber and Stainless Steel - Height incl. base :13cm - Product Weight :308g - Packaging :1 Complete small tubbi per box - Designed by: Karina Mencke, Denmark
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joelleong 10 months ago

Great looking knockbox for a home environment, fun colors, and easy access curves for your porta filter. The best part is the removable bar which makes it significantly easier to clean. Would really like to get one and if you're also keen, help me hit the 25 request mark so we can get a deal for it!

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