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OVO Speakers by Monitillo Marmi

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Carved out from a single block of Cararra marble with the aid of a computer controlled cutting machine, Ovo is actually a unique iPhone analog amplification speaker, designed by stone craftsman company Monitillo Marmi.

Designed to angle upward or lay flat, Ovo is compatible with both with iPhone 5s as well as newer iPhone 6 models. The shape of this speaker is achieved by slowly, carefully carving materials out of single block of Carrara marble. The marble blocks are selected and subsequently worked for several hours in order to achieve a soft, embracing shape and a perfectly smooth surface. The speaker element doesn’t include any electric parts and works exclusively by mechanic sound diffusion. It has been designed to achieve a pleasant immersive listening experience and a rich sound, rather than exceedingly loud volume.

And, yes. Each Ovo is unique – variations in grain and colours are a guarantee of its authenticity and handcrafting.

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