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CLUG - The World's Smallest Bike Rack (With Free Shipping!)

Like a hug for your bike

Suggested by Tan Y H
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48 Orders

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$29 / pc
Original MSRP: $35
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24 Orders
48 Orders
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Expected Delivery: Mid October 2016
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A Hug For Your Bike

Firstly, A Huge Thank You To Our Community For Making This Happen. If we could, we would give each and everyone of you a hug. But for now, what we can do first is to help you get your CLUG. CLUG is the world's smallest bike rack. It's the tiniest, minimal way to hold your bike!

You won’t believe something so small will work so well, but it does! No winches, hooks or balancing acts, just a satisfying “clug” and you’re all set!

Nothing's as simple (or as sturdy) as the CLUG...So easy, it almost offsets living in a fourth-floor walk up - GQ

Why is it so great

Why? Well because it helps you save space, keep your place tidy and display your ride proudly without damaging it or your walls.

CLUG works with your floor to turn almost anywhere you can think of into somewhere your bike can live.>

Seriously, anywhere - like...

" seems we have found the answer to our bicycle storage conundrum" - Cool Hunting

How to choose your Clug

We designed CLUG to be a great fit with just about every bike tire out there. We sell three versions of the Clug - one to fit standard road bike tires between 23 and 32mm (1 - 1.25"), one to fit hybrid tires between 33 and 42mm (1.3 - 1.75") and one to fit big fat mountain bike tires 1.8 - 2.5" (43 - 62mm).

Sizing Guide

"By far the cheapest and easiest way to mount your bike on a wall, Clug is tiny, understated and as functional as they come" - Gear Hungry

How to Install

It couldn't be easier! Just follow the steps included in your package with your clug or check out the link below to view them online. You'll be done and clugging in no time flat and we think you'll agree that it's easier to install than Windows 95

Installation Guide

Choose your colours

Customise your own Clug by being able to choose both the outer and inner colours

Outer and Inner Colour Options

Choose between black or white for the outer layer.

And between orange, green, blue and black for the inner layer

Note: Due to the community's varied demand, we've worked hard to negotiate to guarantee availability of all sizes but may be limited on color - if your color is out of stock we will contact you for a color change =)

Please note the following colour combinations for the specific sizes are hot and thus low on stock. Availability will be on a first come first served basis.

Size: MTB | Colour Combinations (Outer/Inner Colour): White/Black & White/Orange

Size: Hybrid | Colour Combinations (Outer/Inner Colour): White/Black

Join the hunt!

  • A beautiful bicycle storage solution for almost literally anywhere and everywhere
  • Easy, peasy installation
  • Save up to 21% when you buy with Grouphunt
Admin & Shipping Info
- This group order is for those residing in Singapore only. - For orders outside of SG, additional shipping may apply. Please drop us a note at - After the hunt ends, we will update everyone via email with details on shipping - Product ships in about 3 weeks after campaign ends. Estimate ship date to SG is Mid October 2016
Additional Info: Original Link
Sam Wang 3 months ago

Hybrid, orange or blue.

Stephanie Tan 3 months ago

roadie. Any color except green

CyrilKeith 2 months ago

Hi, my roadie has 25mm tires on 28mm wide rims but the rims are 38mm deep. The rims are 2016 Easton EC90 SL 38mm clinchers. Does this product work with deep rimmed wheels?

Yew Lit Pang 3 months ago

Hybrid, any color

joelleong 3 months ago

Hey folks! We're in negotiations with Clug and it's going well! Now we need the help of the community as the MOQ is rather large, and restricted to the sizes / colors. What sizes are you guys looking at? What size do you think would fit for most cyclists / bikes in Singapore?

Please leave your comments below - appreciate the community effort! =)

Here's the sizing chart:

Colors available: Outer - white / black Inner - orange / green / blue / black

Please note that due to the ordering constraints we are likely only going to be offering 1 color combination this time round, so let us know your favourite!

roadie. a nice bright color is fine as long as it is not green

joelleong 3 months ago

Thanks PAT!

Norman Koh 3 months ago

mtb. the original white/orange still looks best!

Nityanand Rai 3 months ago

This looks great for my office. I ride to work and need a rack.

Tan Y H 4 months ago

Simple, Cool and Stylish Alternative Rack for your bike.

joelleong 4 months ago

I don't own a bike but am thrilled with the simplicity of this product. Will share it!

Jun Hanz 3 months ago

Red, roadie :)

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