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Jackall Veyron

The Legendary. Original Veyron

Suggested by johnbosco

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All of the legend began here! Original Veyron.

To pursue the importance of the match-the-bait, follow arrived ultimate shape. Bus pursue that or brought closer much to bait you are Hoshoku at that time, I thought Kato has issued conclusions that "absolute realistic value". Shape, motion, color, or size, etc., from among the various elements, what if the Together we bus to show interest, and its balance .... A number of possibilities that began to appear from the prototype of the proto model, the answer was derived Seiji Kato from among them, it is this "Veyron". Float & balance weight which is built in the head, it mimics the appearance swim combined with bait fish and the ridge tail realistic. In addition, the presence of likely to be vigilant to the bus hook also, camouflage to hide in the chest fin and belly fin. 3D digitizing has been body shape, and by the realistic color ring, slowly leave swim the big fish of the territory, it was born as a bait to be attacked.

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