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Quarter Century Watch | The Best Watch Under $150

Built to Last & Extremely Affordable. Made w/ the Best- Swiss Ronda, Sapphire Crystal, 316L, Italian Natural Leather

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$145 / pc
Original MSRP: $170
Delivery: $0 - $4
4 Orders
Max. 8
8 Ordered!
Expected Delivery: May 2017*
*Crowdfunding projects may face external delay
This is a group pre-order for a crowdfunding project. As such, Grouphunt is not able to guarantee the estimated delivery date as advertised by the creator, similar to if you were to place the pledge on your own. What we promise is to redistribute it immediately once we receive the goods.
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Important: This particular hunt is a group pre-order for a crowdfunding project. By joining you agree that GroupHunt is a pure logistics facilitator and is not able to guarantee the final product and estimated delivery date as advertised by the creator, similar to if you were to place the pledge on your own. What we promise is to place the order on the group’s behalf, and to redistribute it once we have received the goods.




Sandstone Gold w/ Tan Strap
Sandstone Gold w/ Tan Strap

We’re using the best materials and components we can find to build an excessively quality watch. Italian Natural Leather, Swiss Ronda, and 316L Stainless Steel, to name a few.



Graphite Steel w/ Black Strap
Graphite Steel w/ Black Strap


This isn’t our first rodeo. The Quarter Century Watch will be our third watch collection to be created by Kickstarter. 

Our network of manufacturing partners is reliable, from the hand-made cases to the slide box packaging that the watch arrives in. 





By offering the QCW directly via Kickstarter we are able to cut out the retail channel, middlemen markups, brand exclusivity/scarcity, and offer a $450 USD watch for a quarter of the price. Seriously, try to find a better watch for a better price, and we’ll match it. (Photo below in $USD)

A closer look at other options...
A closer look at other options...

We've designed the QCW to be the best possible option out there. We were never satisfied with the options presented to us, and you can easily see why.

QCW w/ tan strap
QCW w/ tan strap


Grouphunt Deal

Adding on to the crazy value you get by buying this watch, the price only gets better! Alone, you'd be able to get it from Kickstarter for $170 SGD (incl. shipping). With Grouphunt? $145 SGD with a minimum of 4 orders. That's 15% OFF an ALREADY fantastic deal. 

So think for a second about your friends who prefer quality over quantity and buy with the intention that the product will last. Share this with them and let's get this hunt ticking along!


We wanted an excessively high quality, handmade watch useful & durable enough for everyday wear. The QCW is beautifully crafted for timelessness with a less is more approach to ensuredurability and longevity. A classic minimal look without unnecessary features or fancy dials.

Our minimal design ensures a durable construction for years to come.

QCW is sized for women as well!
QCW is sized for women as well!



First and foremost, these watches are built to last. You can finally get peace of mind. We're so confident that your Quarter Century Watch will be the most durable, everyday wear you'll ever own that we are backing them with a 25 year guarantee.



OVERVIEW : Built to last with premium components, minimalism, structural balance, and ergonomics in mind.


We chose a case with a convex design for optimal fit and comfort in everyday wear. Sometimes watches can protrude and dig into the metacarpal bones, causing discomfort in daily activities. Not the Quarter Century Watch.


Furthermore, the crown is generally the most uncomfortable part of a watch for everyday wearers. We opted for a 4PM crown position to solve this issue.

This design allows for your wrist to move and flex naturally without even the slightest abrasion. With the 4PM crown, you never have to deal with the discomfort of the crown and case digging into your metacarpal bones. 

No more minor long-term bruising, scratching of the skin, or deformities. This watch will truly be the most comfortable, ergonomic timepiece you own.


You can’t expect to have reliability at the highest level without a functional foundation and solid construction.


We wanted to keep the case minimal, at only 7mm thick and 41mm in diameter. To increase durability while maintaining a lightweight construction, we decided on a 316L steel case. This allows for a strong case that is also a perfect weight to the touch. It is the industry standardwhen it comes to luxury watches. 

It will hold up in daily use for over 25 years, guaranteed.

The case is to be sandblasted first, to have all the edges softened, but also brushed on the bezel, to offer a distinct, durable surface. It is 41 mm, which is a versatile size for any occasion.


Our designers and engineers have worked tirelessly to perfect this watch. In designing, we wanted to keep the watch functional and easy to read. An ultra minimal 2-hand analog face function was exactly all we needed.

When it comes to the watch that we designed for everyday wear for over 25 years, functionality was key. This is the epitome of enduring craftsmanship. 

QCW w/ tan strap
QCW w/ tan strap




While we don’t like to make light of potential risks for a watch in the field, our designers did just that. To top off a dependable construction, we will use the best crystal we have to offer. The highly demanded sapphire crystal, from the last project, comes standard with all Quarter Century Watches.

Sapphire crystals are made from minerals grown in furnaces. When the resulting material is removed from this, it’s not in the large sheets that glass emerges in, but rather in big blocks called “boules.” 



With our signature compass triangle at the 12 o'clock position, the Quarter Century Watch is a product of minimal design and understated precision detailing.

Every single minute detail of this timepiece was considered, from the spacing used between lettering, to the precision lume stripes on our hand markers. It is truly a product of purpose and precision.


The 316L steel backplate is secured with four steel screws. Logo and specifications are precision lasered after a classic brush finish.




Our vegetable-tanned leather is finished the old-fashioned way- with very little artificial treatment. This natural Italian leather is only minimally treated with a blend of organic oils and waxes to give it the perfect touch, and a spark of life. The raw leather will build character to develop a beautiful tone over the years with your wear. 

Our dyed leather will also break in to become soft and supple over time for comfortable daily wear. Additional strap options like tan leather will be available for add-on following the campaign.



Time is our constant companion, but even the most extravagant watch needs a reliable movement to keep it in regular motion. And Switzerland has earned itself an enviable reputation as a manufacturer of the finest watch movements. 


Ronda has been committed to time for decades now. And the company today is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of precision electronic watch movements of innovative design.

As a family-owned company that is now in second-generation hands, Ronda attaches great value to maintaining its full independence. Their movements are debatably the most accurate in the world and built to last for many years.


As an added convenience, lume is subtly added to the hands to allow easy visibility at all times. 

With lume precisely painted onto the hands, your watch can be read easily when transitioning from bright to low light conditions. The watch will charge itself during the day and remain lit while in low light conditions.



  • SANDSTONE GOLD // A timeless white dial on a gold case w/ natural leather strap.
  • PHANTOM BLACK // An upscale black on black look.
  • GRAPHITE STEEL // A classic steel finish w/ natural leather strap for a subtle everyday wear.





Our original collection is available to add onto any pledge. You may select a reward with aClassic Havok Watch or you can add it when you fill out your survey after the campaign. 


Additional straps in other colors such as tan leather will be offered for add-on after the campaign. All straps are 20mm in both the QCW and Classic Havok collections. More straps may be released as stretch goals.

  • TAN LEATHER STRAP // A rich tan, dyed onto top grain leather with oiled edges for durability.
  • BLACK LEATHER STRAP // A simple black band. Same as the Phantom Black QCW.
  • BROWN LEATHER STRAP // A vegetable tanned brown band that will age with a darker patina.
  • OLIVE NUBUCK STRAP // A classic army olive green in nubuck.
  • BURGUNDY NUBUCK STRAP // A dark burgundy nubuck.
  • more to come...

Add-ons will be available after the campaign in the surveys. Don't worry about adding on items for a custom order until then!

For the past 3 years we have chose to work with an established watch manufacturing group known for rigorous quality control. We have a great relationship with our manufacturing partners. We've thoroughly toured their facility multiple times and they are completely aligned with our goals. We visited their facility in the Summer of 2014 in detailed tours, and again in January 2015.

With multiple stages in the manufacture and quality check process, we are confident in their ability to deliver a quality product. We were impressed with their sophisticated manufacture process including different rooms for assembly, air pressure checkpoints, water pressure stations, 48-hour timekeeping accuracy test, and (of course) a drop test. All of their facilities meet all necessary regulation and code for operation.

Though they host the manufacturing of many large retail brands, the general managers made sure all of our requirements were met and accommodated. Their experienced staff and attention to detail was what made our decision to choose them so easy. We, at Elliot Havok, are extremely confident they will meet our needs.

We will offer the Havok watch at wholesale pricing with radical transparency. Not only should the watch be priced so that nobody breaks their bank, but what goes into the watch should be disclosed. You’ll know when we can make changes, add-ons, or stretch goals. But honestly, we really don’t know where we can improve this modern masterpiece.


  • Case Diameter: 41 mm 
  • Case Thickness: 7 mm 
  • Face Diameter: 37 mm 
  • Band Material: Genuine Leather Band 
  • Band Max/Min Length: 21cm/15.5cm 
  • Band Width: 20 mm 
  • Lug Width: 2.3mm 
  • Total Weight: 49g 
  • Case Material: 316L Steel 
  • Back Plating: Stainless Steel 
  • Clasp: Standard Buckle Clasp 
  • Clasp Material: Stainless Steel 
  • Dial Window Material: Sapphire Crystal Glass  
  • Display: 2-hand Analog  
  • Movement: Swiss Ronda 
  • Water Resistant: 5 ATM / 50 Meters 


  •  Standard battery: 364 
  •  Standard battery life: 10 Years 
  •  Battery voltage: 1.5 V 
  •  Current consumption – typical: 0.23 μA 
  •  Current consumption – maximum: 0.3 μA 
  •  Useful torque minute – typical: 29 μNm 
  •  Operating temperature: 0 - 50 °C 
  •  Instantaneous rate: -10/ +20 sec/month 
  •  Resistance to magnetic fields: 18.8 Oe 
  •  Resistance against shock: NIHS 91-10 
  •  Model: 751E




We believe in our watches, and you should too. If anything were to happen to your watch, we hope that you will send it back to us for repair or replacement. We will cover all internal parts should they ever fail you. They are built so well, that we will cover them for 25 years.


Elliot Havok consists of a diverse team of creative product designers with cross-functional skills within the fields of design, development, and manufacturing. Our team encompasses over 20 years of combined experience in bringing innovative products to life. 

Steven will be spearheading the design and development of the QCW collection, while Bryan and Joe supervise logistics, communications, and backer relations. With the support of the rest of our experienced team including industrial and graphic designers, we are ready to build you a product that you can proudly support.




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  • Best watch for this price - bar none!
  • Covered by a 25 year warranty
  • Save 15% OFF this already FANTASTIC VALUE watch
Admin & Shipping Info
- This group order is for those residing in Singapore only. - For orders outside of SG, additional shipping may apply. Please drop us a note at - After the hunt ends, we will update everyone via email with details on shipping - Estimate ship date to SG is May 2017
Additional Info: Original Link
Kelvin Leong 2 months ago

Hi, tried to place order but it didn't go through. Any help?

Simon Lea 2 months ago

Hey Kelvin, we received your email. We'll get back to you shortly! :)

whatdoiwant 2 months ago

Hey peeps, if there are 4 of us, can we go ahead with the order of the 4 pack?

James Ng 2 months ago

That will actually turn out to be $122 each, which is not bad actually.

James Ng 2 months ago

SGD $122, after shipping.

robertf 2 months ago

snap... $145 vs $122 is quite a jump

Simon Lea 2 months ago

Hey Robert, yeah it is isn't it :/. Just to shed some light on this matter since we know you’re a long time customer of ours ;)

At Grouphunt our mission is to bring like-minded people together to save on products they love. In order to do this, we have to incur some business costs, but the premise is that you’re still better off purchasing as a group vs. individually.

Just to give you a non-exhaustive breakdown indication of the costs involved when grouping orders:

  1. The $122 price while attractive, actually forgets to factor in GST. Buying anything above $400SGD will incur a 7% GST charge when the product arrives at our local customs.
  2. There are payment processing fees incurred when we collect money from all parties
  3. There are also bank fees which are above the nominal exchange rate
  4. To be transparent, we are a business and do take a margin to cover our administrative and server costs

We’d like to believe that we offer a value-added service that removes the pain points of organizing your own group buys such as transferring money manually, and handling the logistics behind the process, etc.

Hope this help clears things up!

Simon Lea 2 months ago

Hey James and whatdoiwant, thanks for hunting this and requesting it. Based on the strong support we received from you and the Grouphunt community, we've decided to run the hunt now.

The price may be slightly more than your breakdown as it includes GST, admin and payment processing fees. Running a platform that matches the interests of thousands of users together to unlock group discounts around the world, and delivered all the way to your doorstep is a feat we conduct on a daily basis albeit with some costs :)

Thanks for your continuous support as we continue to bring people together and unlock amazing discounts that without the platform and infrastructure would have been otherwise impossible!

Eileen Ang a month ago

Hello, how do I order additional strap to the watch order?

hey Eileen :)

drop us an email at and we will take it from there :)

thanks for the support!

Eileen Ang a month ago

May I know how much is one strap?

whatdoiwant 2 months ago

Nice clean design, and the price is appealling.

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