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MajorCraft Skyroad

Suggested by Halley Sim

This hunt is currently in negotiations for a group deal. Click request to get notified when the hunt goes live!

Original MSRP: $190
39 / 25
requested for this
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Halley Sim 7 months ago

This rod needs no introduction, with its performance show online. Is a rod not to be missed and should be considered. :) Lets hope we are able to get a group hunt for this on a special price!

johnbosco 7 months ago

@Halley - nice! just curious, which model are you looking at in particular? Get your friends in to request!!

Halley Sim 7 months ago

Hi John,

I am looking at SKR-662ML/S.

Sure! :)

johnbosco 7 months ago

Roger roger!

Halley Sim 6 months ago

Hey John do you have lobang for this??

johnbosco 6 months ago

Hi Halley, the requests seem to be trending upwards - that's a good sign! I'm trying to find suppliers for this, but no guarantees! Trying my best.

Halley Sim 6 months ago

Any luck John? :)

johnbosco 6 months ago

Not easy bro, as it is quite a popular model.. will try my best and let you know if there are any updates!

If you can help by getting it to 25 request min that would be great! :) Also, do check out the hunt for the Majorcraft KG Lights and recommend to your friends! - super light and powerful rods!

Halley Sim 4 months ago

Hi John,

Apology for the super late response.. is been 33 request.. are we still able to kick start this? :)

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