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MajorCraft Skyroad

Suggested by Halley Sim

This hunt is currently in negotiations for a group deal. Click request to get notified when the hunt goes live!

Original MSRP: $190
42 / 25
requested for this
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Jhan Liau 23 days ago

I just saw this whilst researching for a potential new fishing rod for myself. Hoping the SKR-702ML/S will make it into the list and hope this hunt becomes successful :D

Hey Jhan,

Crazy popular rod; getting substantial stock for a hunt is proving a challenge. We're waiting for Japan to meet this demand, till which time, we can only wait and fish our old tackle.

Jhan Liau 23 days ago

Hey Yanhan,

Hahaha, totally understand the situation. Just waiting and crossing my fingers. :)

us too man, the skyroad is a real tease!

Halley Sim 22 days ago

It's been so long I have already forgotten it. Haha..

However lets hope it happens! Thanks!

Jhan Liau 22 days ago

Hahaha! I'm currently torn between just getting it at full price and waiting patiently for a better deal which may or may not happen haha! Still crossing my fingers but not sure how long i'll last.

Problem with rods is when we finally get one, something else catches the eye :)

I was thinking how to phrase my response without suggesting anything, which I am not!

That being said, this rod is way too popular to be easily available, much less at a discount. Does that help with your decision?

(If you do see it at a lower price in the future, just buy it and you average down your cost price + you then own 2 superb rods which you can pass down like a Patek :))

Halley Sim 8 months ago

This rod needs no introduction, with its performance show online. Is a rod not to be missed and should be considered. :) Lets hope we are able to get a group hunt for this on a special price!

johnbosco 8 months ago

@Halley - nice! just curious, which model are you looking at in particular? Get your friends in to request!!

Halley Sim 8 months ago

Hi John,

I am looking at SKR-662ML/S.

Sure! :)

johnbosco 8 months ago

Roger roger!

Halley Sim 8 months ago

Hey John do you have lobang for this??

johnbosco 8 months ago

Hi Halley, the requests seem to be trending upwards - that's a good sign! I'm trying to find suppliers for this, but no guarantees! Trying my best.

Halley Sim 8 months ago

Any luck John? :)

johnbosco 8 months ago

Not easy bro, as it is quite a popular model.. will try my best and let you know if there are any updates!

If you can help by getting it to 25 request min that would be great! :) Also, do check out the hunt for the Majorcraft KG Lights and recommend to your friends! - super light and powerful rods!

Halley Sim 6 months ago

Hi John,

Apology for the super late response.. is been 33 request.. are we still able to kick start this? :)

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