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The Cord Roll. A minimalist solution to a global frustration

Enabling you to live a tangle free life in a world that requires you to carry a suitcase full of cords to function.

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And it's insanely annoying. So we're putting together a Grouphunt for these Cord Rolls and helping you shave a cool 17% ($10.10) off the Kickstarter price!

The (now famous) tweet from Bill Murray (turns out it was a fake account, but still, it's spot on!) Source: Twitter

How many times have you grabbed your earphones before going for a run or sitting down for your bus ride to work, only to spend 15 minutes desperately untangling them? No matter how neatly you wrapped them up beforehand, the cords ALWAYS become a giant knot of frustration the moment you look away.

And you are not the only one suffering.

The problem is SO painful and widespread that it prompted two scientists from the University of California San Diego to research it, eventually presenting their findings in the paper “Spontaneous Knotting of an Agitated String”. Seriously. Turns out the tangle phenomenon is closely related to Tangle Theory, a sub-category of Knot Theory... which most likely has something to do with Chaos Theory.

Agitated. Knotted. Chaotic. It's a painful way listen to your music on the way to work ... or as you jet off on that break you've worked so hard for.

The Cord Roll comes in 3 colours to suit your style - Jet Black, Tan and French Grey. It is made from vegetable tanned leather - a natural, versatile and extremely long lasting material. It is sturdy, supple, and full of character. Its treatment process is steeped in tradition, and is performed by skilled craftsmen - unlike the chrome-tanned leather that is used by 90% of the leather industry today.

To keep up with you and the demands of everyday urban life, the Cord Roll is designed to fit anywhere you need it to go:

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