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Ripplebuds - World's 1st Noise Blocking Earbuds [2nd Run]

Small, powerful audiophile earbuds with an in-ear microphone that excludes ambient noise

Suggested by Ivan Liew

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Original MSRP: $182
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RippleBuds is the world’s smartest Bluetooth earbuds equipped with an in-ear microphone system. 

With RippleBuds’ innovative Noise Blocking Technology, users can exclude ambient noise and clearly be heard/understood, even in the nosiest environments.

You can also listen listen to music with these small, powerful audiophile earbuds that allow you to hear more of your favorite song, less of outside noise! Easily switch in-between phone conversations and work meetings without the hassle of dangling wires.

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Ripplebuds At A Glance

RippleBuds is an innovative departure from the traditional headset. 


Tiny, but powerful, RippleBuds provides maximum comfort with a minimal profile.


RippleBuds captures the human voice from the ear.

RippleBuds’ Noise Blocking Technology reduces ambient noise by about 30 decibels, allowing your voice to be heard clearly even when you’re in an extremely noisy environment. 




RippleBuds has a great competitive edge when it comes to strepitous environments.

Our Noise Blocking Technology physically intercepts ambient noise due to the non-traditional positioning of the RippleBuds in-ear microphone. 

With RippleBuds’ wireless feature your hands are free. 

RippleBuds allows you to listen to music and have crystal-clear conversations while driving, cleaning, commuting, exercising, and performing the active tasks your busy life brings. Another prime feature: no more tangling wires. 

The "bud" itself lasts about 5 hours talking time. 

A fully charged recharging capsule provides 3 (for stereo) and 6 (for mono) cycles of full recharges to the buds. 

With RippleBuds there’s no need to search for a power outlet while on-the-go

As ambient noises are minimized, the voice command function on your device will perform more efficiently. 

Ask your smartphone Intelligent Assistant questions with complete accuracy.


RippleBuds is an innovative departure from the traditional headset. Tiny, but powerful, RippleBuds provides maximum comfort with a minimal profile.

RippleBuds comes with five sizes of ear-pads to provide maximum fit for users of all sized ear canals. Additionally, RippleBuds are sweat-proof and ear-pads are washable, making RippleBuds perfect for fitness-enthusiasts.

There’s no need to blast music to overcome a loud environment. RippleBuds' three fin ear-pad design significantly reduces ambient noise while listening to music, preserving your precious hearing.

RippleBuds has a great competitive edge when it comes to strepitous environments. Our Noisy Blocking Technology physically intercepts ambient noise around the user due to the non-traditional positioning of the RippleBuds microphone. Upon realizing the voice is emitted through the mouth AND ear, the RippleBuds' team placed a microphone in the human ear to effectively eliminate all sounds besides the voice. By doing this, we found an original way to capture the human voice from an entirely new source. This amounted in the birth of RippleBuds and the discovery of an innovative solution for modern-day communication. 

Entrepreneurs and Working Professionals: With your busy on-the-go life, you can have meetings and conduct business calls wherever you are. 

Automobile Drivers: Block traffic noises and music when talking on the phone. RippleBuds can also enhance voice command while driving and allows you to be hands free. 

Cyclists: Due to RippleBuds’ Noisy Blocking Technology, the sound of wind is intercepted allowing cyclists to talk and ride. 

City Commuters: No matter how many people surround you on the subway, conversations are crystal-clear. 

Service Workers: Being on-duty leaves you in boisterous environments. When critical situations arise, RippleBuds allows your every word to be heard.

Intensive Labor Workers: There’s nothing louder than a construction site, a plane taking off, or a crowd of cheering fans. RippleBuds allows you to listen to music and have conversations no matter what type of environment you work in. 

Call Center Representatives: With multitudes of people conducting calls at the same time, call center staff members could greatly benefit from RippleBuds. 

Athletes: Workout and go to practice with RippleBuds. Our product is sweat-proof and our ear-pads are washable. 

Sailors and Beach Goers: No more worrying about ocean wind overpowering your voice- we’ve got your back. 

Social Butterflies: Save your voice (and your sanity) – there’s no longer a need to shout when you’re trying to find your friends at a major event or raging party. RippleBuds allows you to clearly communicate despite loud music, large crowds, and cheering fans!

Grouphunt Deal

For this hunt, choose whether you'd enjoy the mono / stereo set up more. The mono comes with 1 in-ear piece and the stereo comes with 2.

The mono set up will cost you about $182 to buy it individually on the indiegogo page. With the Grouphunt community, buy as a group and unlock great discounts. For this hunt, get the mono option for only $139 and the stereo option for $179. That's a 23% DISCOUNT right there!

Please note: For this order to go through we require at least 6 mono and 6 stereo orders. So share this with all your friends that you think would greatly benefit from having this in their life!

So join the hunt and spread the word!

Product Specs

Microphone: Customized Condenser Microphone In-Ear Style Directional Characteristic: Bi-directional Frequency range: 100Hz ~ 16KHz Output Impedance: 2kΩ Speaker: Impedance: 16 Ω at 1KHz Output sound : 92.7db +- 3dB at 1KHz Bandwidth : 20hz ~ 20khz Bluetooth: Dual Mode Bluetooth 4.1 Audio compatibility with classic Bluetooth devices (A2DP profile, CSR aptX® audio codec) Wireless Range: 30 feet / 10 meters Compatibility: Compatible with any Smartphone, computer, and/or tablet that has Bluetooth and communication functions built-in Battery (expected): Lithium-ion 55mAh battery, rechargeable Standby time:110 hours Talking time: 5 hours - Charging time less than 2 hours Charging: Micro USB Recharging capsule: 310mAh - provides 6 full recharges for the mono unit and 3 full recharges for the stereo (as there are two units to recharge) Ear-Pads: Material: Silicon 5 different sizes: 11mm, 12mm, 13mm, 14mm and 15mm in diameter Washable Materials: Earbuds: PC Plastic Ear-pads: Silicone Charging unit: Aluminum, PC & PP Plastic Technical Specifications: Earbud Body Dimensions: D0.658 inch x L1.043 inch (D17.4 X L26.5mm) Weight: 0.0099 pounds (4.5g) for one bud Fit Style: In ear Ultra lightweight, sweat-proof
Admin & Shipping Info
- This group order is for those residing in Singapore only. - For orders outside of SG, additional shipping may apply. Please drop us a note at - After the hunt ends, we will update everyone via email with details on shipping - Estimate ship date to SG is January 2017
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