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Allbirds Wool Runners

Turns out, the world's most comfortable shoe is made of wool

Suggested by szjh

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We spent over two years working with the finest wool in the world (New Zealand superfine merino, if anyone’s asking) to create a new fabric that’s incredibly soft, lightweight, breathable, and flexible. This natural fabric not only boasts the incredible properties of merino, but is durable enough to take you far.

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These shoes are AMAZING!!! I own a pair and I absolutely love them! They work well in our climate too! I can wear them out (no socks) and not feel too hot. I can wear them on long haul flights and they let my feet expand and stay warm. Love going on trips with these or running errands around town.

Now, in terms of actual running in them.... Not sure I would do it again. The merino wool uppers are a bit too flexible/soft and thus don't provide enough support to keep your foot in place while exercising. Doesn't matter how tight you lace up - the wool fabric just gives.

My overall recommendation is still a BUY, cos they are great casual shoes. Happy to answer any additional questions people may have.

Thanks Alc! 👍🏻

Gifford Mak 2 months ago

Hey! I assume, being wool, they won't hold up well in the rain? And how should they be sized - true to size?

Sorry for the late reply. Haven't gotten them that wet... But I would assume if they got too wet, yes it would stretch... And dunno if they'd get back into original shape.

joelleong 2 months ago

So glad you suggested this szjh! I had read a pretty rad review on Business Insider about how these shoes are taking Silicon Valley by storm ( Keen to try a pair myself. At first search it seems like Allbirds only retail through their sole online channel at the moment though, but fingers crossed on this one when we reach out!

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