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The most effective way to be seen when you ride

Monkey Lights are LED lights that mount on the wheels of your bike.  They're incredibly bright, durable and fun.  All of our Monkey Lights are clearly visible from every direction. By illuminating the wheels, the moving light greatly increases visibility - even on a crowded street.

We're introducing 3 sleek new designs that are ridiculously easy to use.  Our new lights are fully automatic - just ride your bike and they turn on when you need them.  These 3rd generation lights fit nearly any bike and they're more affordable than ever.

Since 2007 we've been making cycling more safe and more fun for everyone.  Join us - help fulfill our vision by pledging your support and sharing this project with your friends! 

Our A30, A10 Combo, and A15 Lights
Our A30, A10 Combo, and A15 Lights

Automatic Awesomeness

All of our new models reliably turn on when you need them.  Just ride your bike.  Our unique triple-sensor technology detects wheel rotation and light levels.  It won't accidentally turn on if it just gets bumped on a bike rack.  If you still want a power button, our A15 & A30 lights let you choose between Off, On, and Smart-Auto-On yourself.

Total Convenience

Our lights include a stainless steel strap for locking the light onto your spokes.  You can't forget your lights when you leave home or work, and you can't lose them.  The USB-battery capsule pops out for indoor charging, and should last for months between charges.

You may only need to charge your light 4-6 times per year. (A10 and A15 models)

Confidence on the Road

We've talked to thousands of our customers around the world.  They tell us how much they love our lights, and how confident they feel when they ride.  No matter where you ride, it really helps to know that you'll be visible from every direction.

360° Visibility
360° Visibility

Durable and Affordable

The best bike lights shouldn't just be for an elite few.  Our products feature a solid rubber molding that lasts for years in the worst conditions.  We give you a 3-year warranty.  Our new Monkey Lights fit nearly any type of bike and are more affordable than ever.  (Check minimum wheel size in the specification chart.  Bicycle wheels with spokes are required).

Waterproof and Iceproof
Waterproof and Iceproof


Dust and Mudproof
Dust and Mudproof

Sleek and Functional Design

Our new models are thinner than ever.  Our solid rubber molding lets us make our lights thinner than any type of plastic shell.  The lights last for years and won't crack or scratch.

A10 & A15: Smaller than a typical wheel reflector, these lights put out 25 - 40 lumens of light.

Patented Hub-Mount Battery: Our hub-mount battery offsets the (small) weight of the light and minimizes rotating weight.  This keeps your wheels balanced and responsive when you ride.

A30: The A30 is less than half the size of its predecessor, yet it packs all the functionality and more.  A30 introduces a new molding method that lets us create a more rounded, aerodynamic profile.

How our A30 will look compared to its predecessor
How our A30 will look compared to its predecessor


What our A10/A15 will look like on your spokes
What our A10/A15 will look like on your spokes


Colors & Themes

A10 Combo: Set of 2 lights with a classic look: White on your front wheel and Red on your back wheel.

A15: Full color: includes 8 colors and 5 simple themes that you can change anytime with the press of a button.  Themes include solid colors, stripes, and blends.

A30: More light, more color and more fun. The A30 includes over 40 amazing patterns that display as you ride. Use the buttons to change anytime - or leave the light in shuffle mode. The A30 is bright & visible at any speed, and the patterns are visible from 10 to 40 mph (15 to 65 km/h).

The A30 includes all these, and we're making even more!
The A30 includes all these, and we're making even more!

What our testers are saying

We've rolled out prototypes for riders to test in real conditions.  They loved what they experienced.  Now we're ready to reach out to the Kickstarter community to get these lights out onto the market.  And we're offering them an affordable price so they can be accessible for any rider.

How do I use it?

1) Install your light: Mount your light and battery to your bike wheel and secure with our anti-theft strap.

2) Ride your bike.

That's it.  


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