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Xltt Eyewear

Flexible Framed Transition Glasses

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What is XLTt

Professional and stylish multi-layer protection

France's top Essilor lenses filter blue

Using the world's largest lens manufacturer Essilor diamond Jie E-SPF blue filter lens, has the following characteristics:
wear-resistant, anti-oil, water repellent and patented double-sided anti-UV, and A4 through the coating technology, can effectively block harmful blue light and reach minimum color shift market performance. Let the long face of computer and cell phone you get a softer light, reduce eye fatigue and discomfort.

Former patent hidden sunglasses hanging

Patented magnetic design, viewed from any angle is hard to find is added before hanging glasses and enjoy versatile lens while also taking into account fashion. Through the "arc of light impermeable hat" patent, when irradiated with light from the top down, with the front mounting frame completely seal between lens, reflective lens completely avoid interference.

Note: The plug-in offers two styles of sunglasses choose polarized sunglasses lensesmercury sunglasses lens

The frame and temples

TR 90 frame
with 100% senior TR90 primary material manufacturing, light weight can reduce the burden on the nose, no chemical residue release, anti-allergy and prevent damage due to impact on the movement of the eye generated.

Ultem plastic temples
using lightweight and flexible high of 100% Ultem plastic material, avoiding pressure on the ear caused by long wear, not only anti-allergy also have high memory and elasticity, the more wear the more obedient.

Additional Info: Original Link

It's UV protected and E-SPF lenses . Very cool

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