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Kampung Coffee - Nera/Supremo Roast

Locally Roasted to Perfection

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mirahelen 20 days ago


Taste notes: Chocolate, Earthy, Richly Sweet

Roast: Medium Roast

Strength: 4/5

Nera exhibits earthy flavour with a hint of chocolate. Grown on the rich fern-covered volcanic slopes in the West central of Sumatra,Indonesia. A well-balanced amount of acidity to provide for its rich and complex taste.


Taste notes: Berries, Flowery

Roast: Medium Roast

Strength: 3/5

100% Arabica beans from Southern Colombia.

Tones of Medium roast, it has a clean taste, unique body with notes of berries. Being richly sweet, our Supremo is the highest grade of Colombia coffee based on bean size and relatively free from physical imperfections.

Option of grind to choose: Whole bean, French press and Espresso.

Personally love the Nera Roast and it works well with my Hario Filter Cold Brew Bottle. The aroma and the hint of chocolate in the coffee will just brightens your day.

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