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Platypod Pro

Platypod Pro™– the world's most compact camera support. Use it with your ballhead in place of a tripod.

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For low angles, on hikes or in public places with big DSLR cameras and heavy lenses. The Platypod Pro base is made from aircraft grade aluminum with 3/8 inch titanium bolt to easily screw on standard tripod ball heads (see recommended accessories). There is a second ¼ inch bolt for studio equipment like a flash or transmitter. The Spike/Screw Set is for grip, it has sharp ends for rocks and outdoor use or rubber tips to prevent scratching. The four unthreaded holes are to attach to poles or wood. We recommend using screws or zip ties.
Product Specs
- The world’s most compact mini tripod - Screw on your ball head for use with heavy lenses and equipment - Perfect for low angle, table top or uneven surfaces - Includes: Platypod Pro base, screw set, ¼” to 3/8” spigot adapter, and travel case - For use when your other tripod just won’t work
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nicholaslee 5 months ago

From the website: Platypod Pro LLC make the worlds most compact mini tripod bases for photographers. Inspired by the duck-billed platypus, an animal with flat and broad feet, we designed our camera supports to be flat, that way they are ideal for low-angle shots and situations where traditional tripods are cumbersome or impractical.

I'm a backer of thier new MAX line ( but this one might be more suited for the rest who use smaller cameras or lenses.

The PRO already can take most loads though.

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