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Mens Poo Emoji Button-Up Shirt

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I've been a fan of Betabrand for awhile now and this creation pretty much sums up their brand in perfect irony. I pretty much can't think of any occasion where this shirt isn't appropriate, as much as I can't think of any where there is. Plus I know that Betabrand is big on group discounts, so let's vote away and get us these work shirts!

For those of you who're still on the fence, Betabrand has this to say -

"Please, don't even think of cracking some cheap poop joke. This is a time and place for serious sartorial discourse; base potty humor shall not be looked upon kindly.

Now, if you are a gentleman — a thoughtful, passionate gentleman — for whom form and function are like lovers inexorably intertwined in a sultry garden of orchids at dusk, then, by all means, we invite you to order this turd-covered shirt.

The late, great fashion critic Mr. Brownwell famously opined that one can never wear enough tiny, grinning piles of dung. That timeless wisdom inspired our Poo-Emoji High Tops and now, at last, this handsome matching button-up."

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