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Rashida The Cat Lady

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ABOUT: Meet Rashida Begum Ismail. She is 59 years old and lives alone in Admiralty. Part of her right leg was recently amputated due to flesh-eating bacteria. Soon after the amputation, she was diagnosed with diabetes. Despite being wheelchair-bound, Rashida is well-known as the "Cat Lady" of the Sembawang area. She rescues abandoned/tortured kittens and cats, nurses them to health, and ensures that those cats have a second chance at life. Some of the cats get adopted, though most are so sick, they end up under Rashida's care permanently. Rashida has at least 11 of such cats. Having exhausted all of her savings in trying to help these cats, Rashida is in trouble with the HDB due to non-payment of her housing loan. She owes the HDB $42,000 in arrears. She is planning to rent out one of the rooms in her flat to help her pay her debt, and also prevent her house from being repossessed. In order to rent out one of the rooms in her flat, she needs at least $2,000 to get the floors done. She has approached various groups for help, but nothing has materialized. Note: I am not related to Rashida, and only found out of her plight after talking to another "cat lady" at a cat adoption drive recently. I am doing this just to help a fellow human being. MAKING A DONATION: $1 is the base donation, if you'd like to donate more, just add more units by changing the quantity of pledges (e.g If you'd like to donate $100, just indicate 100 units), currency in Singapore Dollars. You will need to register for an account to donate. This helps us be transparent and accountable for all the contributors. Once you have submitted an order, you will receive an email with the details to complete your bank transfer. Note for Bank Transfers: 1) Enter the unique transaction code when doing the bank transfer. You will get this in the confirmation email. 2) Use FAST transfer if not using a POSB/DBS account. This helps facilitate our reconciliation. 3) If you are planning to transfer via ATM, please remember to take a picture of your receipt & reply to your confirmation email. *It's slightly more troublesome with bank transfers, but this helps bypass hefty transaction fees from payment processors. DISCLOSURE: Funds collected will be used to: 1.) Help Rashida pay for the flooring works at her flat 2.) Buy / pay for necessities etc *GroupHunt does not make any money out of this campaign, just trying to support helping a fellow human.
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Help save Rashida and her cats!

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