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ZUS Kevlar Charging Cable - Lifetime Guarantee

The Most Durable Charging Cable

Suggested by Darren Teo
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$22 / pc
Original MSRP: $34
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4 Orders
12 Orders
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Expected Delivery: Earliest Aug 2016
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If you were to buy the ZUS Kevlar Charging Cable individually, it would cost about S$34 (Including shipping). Buy as a group to unlock savings together - if we hit min. 12 orders everyone gets their cables at S$22 (35% OFF) - neat discount!

Do note that this is a group pre-order for a crowdfunding project, by joining you agree that Grouphunt is a logistics facilitator and does not guarantee the final product as advertised by the creator.

Meet the ZUS Kevlar Cable, the world's first Kevlar cable with a Lifetime Guarantee. You have all the latest and greatest gadgets. You work them hard, put them through their paces, and test their limits. It’s too bad none of the generic or expensive cables can keep up. Stop wasting your money on cables that don't last. Choose from 3 cable options when you back us.



The ZUS Cable is Kevlar reinforced for superior strength. 

What is Kevlar? It's the stuff that bulletproof vests are made of. It's the stuff that allowed Curiosity to survive 65,000 pounds of force on its descent to Mars. With Kevlar, the ZUS Cable can handle being crushed or tossed around.

In a third-party test conducted by German test lab, TÜV, the ZUS Cable bent over 15,000 times, that's 50% more than the more expensive brand Belkin.


With a unique 90 degree plug, the ZUS Kevlar Cable is adept at fitting in narrow spaces. It also pairs perfectly with the ZUS Smart Car Charger for on-the-road charging.

The tough nylon braiding material keeps the ZUS Cable inherently tangle-free. Each cable also comes with a complementary velcro tie to keep things further organized.



We found that 4 feet (48 inches or 1.2m) was the perfect length for charging inside your car. 40 to 46 inches is the typical length needed to have your phone hanging from your car's window or dashboard.

Most other cables come in 3 feet or 6 feet, so they are either too short or too long. The ZUS Kevlar Cable gives you just the right reach.






Unlike cheap, generic cables that are often more likely to burn out and potentially damage your devices, the ZUS Cable is designed to support safe and fast charging for your phones and tablets. 


Every ZUS Cable is covered by a lifetime warranty. If your cable breaks from normal wear and tear, we’ll replace it.



Our USB-C cable is a full USB-C spec cable. This means that it meets the following requirements:

- 56K Ohm Resistor

- Vbus IR drop of less than 500mV

- GND IR drop of less than 250mV at 3A

Also, our lightning cable is MFi Certified.

Admin & Shipping Info
- This is a group pre-order for a crowdfunding project. - By joining, you agree that GroupHunt is a pure logistics facilitator and does not guarantee the final product as advertised by the creator. - This group order is only available for those residing in Singapore. For orders outside of SG, additional shipping may apply. Please drop us a note at hello@grouphunt.sgbefore ordering. - As this is a crowdfunding project, no returns are available. - After the hunt ends, we'll update everyone via email. Your choice of cables will also be chosen later, nearer to the estimated ship date. - According to the project creator, the order is estimated to ship in Aug 2016. - Once the orders have been received in our warehouse, we will redistribute locally or inform you for collection. GroupHunt will not be responsible for any delays caused by the project creator.
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douglasteo 5 months ago

is this only for apple? Can't seem to find the option where i can choose the cable head for others like Andriod. :)

Darren Teo 5 months ago

Stylish, lasting, and functional - good value for money!

johnbosco 5 months ago

Thanks for posting this Darren! Love the idea... my wires always fray!

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