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Peak Design Capture

Suggested by Carter

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Original MSRP: $86
39 / 25
requested for this
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joelleong 9 months ago

Hey Carter, thanks for starting the hunt! Peak Design has some really cool stuff despite it's relatively new entrance to the market. We've even run hunts for their Everyday Messenger Bag before. May I know which products you're specifically look at from the brand, so I can help you refine your hunt? ;)

I actually thought this was for the Capture, which I think would be a great product to bring in. Own version 1, and would really love to upgrade to the sleek new version!

joelleong 8 months ago

Brkit - redefining this hunt for the capture. Request away!

nicholaslee 4 months ago

I personally own the clip, slide and hand grip for my main workhorse setup. Slide and grip get the most use for me :)

Chen Jiahao 5 months ago

I am actually looking for the field pouch and the lens clip

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