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Cabin Zero Backpack

lightweight cabin sized luggage, travel bags

Suggested by Kent Saul

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Ultra-Light, Massive Capacity Cabin Sized Backpacks from the UK. Weighs less than 800g with a massive volume of 44L, and complies with majority of airlines hand luggage dimensions. Never lose your luggage again!

You asked for it - and we heard you! We've teamed up with Cabin Zero again for the 2nd run on Grouphunt! Due to the many requests, we've managed to secure the Military line, with some from the Classic, Vintage, and Mini collections as well. Save 30% off retail when you join in on this group order for member's only. Extremely limited quantities per colorway are available for this hunt, so first come first served!

Features of the Cabin Zero Bag

CabinZero bags have been developed so that they will be accepted as carry on by all the major airlines. If you've experienced lost luggage or the jostling for space whilst waiting what seems like forever for your luggage to come down the carousel then you'll appreciate the fact that your CabinZero bag will never leave your side.

CabinZero bags are light! Our classic collection weighs in at approx. 760g and our military collection is approx. 960g. There's nothing worse than traveling with a heavy suitcase. We know we've experienced it and so we've designed this so you don't have to. CabinZero won't weight you down on your travels.

CabinZero bags have lost and found tags built in. This ensures your bag is able to be traced back to you in the event it is lost (or even stolen). The system is also linked directly into the Airline's own baggage tracing system. You just need to register the tag online with as soon as you receive the bag. Your bag then has lifetime protection using this lost and found system.

CabinZero bags are spacious. Our military collection has a huge 44 litre capacity. So your CabinZero bag should has a lot of room to fit everything you'll need on your travels.

Every CabinZero bag comes with a 10 year warranty. If that's not enough if you go over to our Facebook page and like CabinZero then we'll automatically upgrade your warranty to 25 years.

Colors Available

Select your color option when you checkout. Extremely limited quantities per colorway are available for this hunt, so first come first served. If it's sold out, it's sold out!

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One black Military bag. Is it still happening?

Is the urban camo green base? Will you be bringing in the mini urban camo?

joelleong 3 months ago

Hey meltee! Yes the urban camo is green based, and we are working to bring in the mini urban camo as well. In fact, there's been a lot of interest surrounding the camo versions lately, and there's something very exciting in the pipeline for the next hunt. A tip though if you're reading this is to stay tuned, as there will be very limited quantities of some special editions available! =)

stephaniehytan 3 months ago

hi, will you be bringing in the vintage black or grey 44L? i have joined the hunt and am looking at getting one of those two .

Hey Stephanie :)

I see you've gotten the Vintage Grey already :) Nice choice!

Pamela Fernandez 6 months ago

Orange Chill

joelleong 3 months ago

Working on this Pamela! =)

Pls bring in the mini 28L!!

joelleong 4 months ago

Hey zixic - we hear you, we'll try our best! =)

Kent Saul 6 months ago

One Bag Minimalist Lightweight Travel Bags

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