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OrbitKey [5th Run]

Carry your keys better

Suggested by mailjest
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30 Orders
40 Orders

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$24.90 / pc
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Original MSRP: $39.90$
Delivery: $0 - $6
20 Orders
30 Orders
40 Orders
40 Ordered!
Expected Delivery: Mid May 2016
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Want a better and more stylish way to carry your keys? We have you covered!

Stylish. Make an impression with the Orbitkey. Not only is it practical, Orbitkey embodies elegance. Our objective is to create key accessories that you can be proud to carry.

Organised. Orbitkey transforms your cluster of keys to a neatly organized stack. You can arrange keys in your order of preference, which will help you locate the right key quickly and effortlessly.

Quiet. Orbitkey is truly silent. It just won’t rattle! Perfect for keeping in your pocket when jogging and perfect for sneaking up on people!

No more key scratches. Keys don’t always get along with your smartphones and other precious items; Orbitkey protects your belongings from key scratches.

Personalised. With an interchange-able band design and wide selection of materials and colors to choose from. You can have several bands to suit your style and occasion.

Flexible. Orbitkey caters for both minimalist and traditionalists. Whether you have 3 keys or 9 keys, the Orbitkey will stay compact and organized! Your keys will fit comfortably into any pocket or bag!

Special Locking Mechanism. Our custom designed locking mechanism solves the issues that normal screws have. It is specially created to stop your keys from coming undone over time and it also allows you to adjust how tight your stack of keys are. It has also been designed to complement the overall sophistication of the product.

Optional Attachment. In case you're wondering, Every Orbitkey comes with an additional attachment ring to carry bulkier and odd shaped items such as your car keys or bike lock keys! (no additional charge)

Packed with features. The Orbitkey is like a Swiss army knife for keys, spice up your Orbitkey with a USB stick or bottle opener!

Technical Specs:

Weight: approximately 25g with 3 keys
Dimension: 85mm long x 19mm wide (Overall when assembled)
Material: Locking Mechanism: High Quality Aluminium 7075
Band: Double sided genuine leather or TPU Elastomer
Color: Leather: Tan/ Tan with white stitching/ Black/ Black with tan stitching 
Elastomer (Rubber):  Grey, Pink or Aqua

Color Options:

Add On Accessories: 

USB Key 8GB (+$15)
Bottle Opener (+$10)​

Will my keys fit? 

Most keys will fit without any issue. As long as the hole on your key is greater than 4mm in diameter, have flat file and the length is shorter than 60mm (from the hole to the end of the key). This rule also applies to keys where the holes are irregular in hole shape (e.g. slot, square, triangular).
For anything that doesn't fit on the Orbitkey (e.g. car keys), they can be attached to the optional attachment included with every Orbitkey.

Assembly and Product Videos:

Product Specs
- Expandable design, accommodates between 3-7 standard keys or accessories - Optional car-key attachment ring is included
Admin & Shipping Info
- This group order will only go through if we get a minimum order of 20. - This group order is only available for those residing in Singapore. For orders outside of SG, additional shipping may apply. Please drop us a note at before ordering. - After each hunt ends, we'll update everyone via email. No returns are available. - Product ships in 2 weeks after the campaign ends from the official local distributor of the Orbitkey, and domestic redistribution will be handled by GroupHunt. - Orders are expected to be fulfilled 3 weeks after the hunt ends, estimated ship date is Mid May 2016
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Sharon Chen 6 months ago

Handy! I wish we can start another run again and I will request for two!

joelleong 6 months ago

Hey Sharon! Indeed someone has started a 6th run. Do join by placing your request here! ->

Wai Han 6 months ago

1st of all, thx fot the great service! By the way, I have committed to buy 3 orbit keys at the lowest price. If we cannot hit 40 orders, I do not mind buying them at the price of $27.90 each.

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