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Muzo - Personal Zone Creator w Noise Blocking Tech

Escape from the world & Set your mood. An Intelligent acoustic device creating your Personal Zone

Suggested by Rony

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Hey guys, my friend bought up a good point, can the product really work? A quick search on internet, there're quite a few people shooting down the idea as a hoax; yes, even KickStarter has its fair share of hoaxes. Just, buyer beware. Cheers.

joelleong 2 months ago

Hey Wenn! Great point - The Muzo's proposition is certainly compelling and at the time of writing has already racked up 34 requests here - while it's tempting for us to simply run a hunt as a group pledge for the crowdfunding campaign and have our users take on that risk, we feel we should do our fair share of due diligence as well. I myself have come across some articles questioning the physics of this and am keen to hear the community's thoughts on this, while in the meantime will try to contact Muzo directly and sound them out too =)

joelleong 3 months ago

Hey Rony! I love this idea and could definitely see it coming in handy in an open office like ours. Do you reckon the 'secret-mode' would work as well as advertised?

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