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Worlds Most Affordable Wi-Fi Smart Bulb

Qube – World's Most Affordable Wi-Fi Enabled, Multi-Color LED Smart Bulb For Your Home

Suggested by Eugene Heng

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Original MSRP: $29
19 / 25
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Eugene Heng 6 months ago
  1. A typical Wi-Fi Multi-Color LED Smart Bulb cost $50 on average, Qube starts at $19, not too much more than your normal LED Bulb (800 Lm upgraded to 1000 Lm).

  2. Hubless and a future hub - Qube does not require you to purchase an external hub for it to stay connected. Qube itself acts as a hub that communicates with other Qube light bulbs.

  3. Qube senses your presence (not through geo-fencing but through any Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) emitting wearables or mobile devices) and allows you to create countless automations based on your proximity to a bulb.

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